Letters not send, #3

Dear the Guy at the hiring event somewhere in NC,

Although, I remember your name I prefer to no use your name but rather simply refer you as the guy. And though, I was part of the hiring event I prefer to leave the city unknown.

This morning as I walk in for the hire event, as of course I volunteer to help being part of the company from your brother store an hour away, I couldn’t help but listened to you ridiculing an interviewee from the previous day. Though, you may have not been ridiculing her in my ears and eyes you were. The way you said out loud ” I don’t understand why you would want to work at a retail store especially when you have a bachelor degree in biology. I mean why would you want to work for a retail store?” Although, it sounded like any typical question, your tone and attitude were not. It sounded as if you were looking down on her, on me, my friends and family.

It wasn’t until I spoke up and you looked surprised and everyone around look at me. And then you asked me about my own education background. In fact, I had more to say to you, more to say to everyone that were present. And more to say to people like you who question young people with high degrees.

The fact that you think any young person with a high degree would want to work in a retail, fast food, or company job is wrong. In fact, we want a career related to our field of study. We graduate from college hoping to find a high paying job. While most of us end up with a high end job, plenty of us end up working in low paying jobs. Jobs that we cannot even afford to pay back student loans or any other type of bills. Jobs that make us feel smaller seeing our peers with a stable paying job that are exactly in their field of study.

Some of us have experience in other parts of field while we lack experience in the field we so desire. And thus are over shadowed by other applicants. And like how you only want to hire the best applicant for your newly open store, many of the employees that we want to work for do the same. And so, we get little to no experience at all. Instead, most of us build our experience from volunteering and doing researches. And yet sometimes we feel under appreciated. Then, we meet people like you I feel even more under appreciated.

In fact, some of us don’t even want to brag about our education because we know that we will be judge. But we cannot hide it when the application asks for it. We rather you just glance at it and ask any question, bit when you do we have to give the details. We don’t want to work in your field, but we need to. Just like many of the other applicants who need the job. Like how you need to keep your job and maybe even the need for a more higher paying job.

Do you even know that many of college graduate go through each of his/her own cycle of depression? Nagging from parents to find a job, being envious of friends and peers, listening to other parents bragging about their kids, feeling under appreciated at our current job, feeling under pay, feeling anxious each time we see our student loan interest raises, and finally the feeling that we did everything so right there is nothing left that we feel we were wrong during the whole process.

Most of us decide to go back to school to get another degree or certificate in hopes that we can find other jobs or hopefully get lucky and land one right away by building more connections. Because that is what the world is currently built on right now, connections.

I’m not upset nor am I mad. I don’t know if you have any friends, nieces, nephews, or cousins currently in college or graduated from college. But I just wanted you know that it’s just not those without a degree that cannot get a job. Even those with strong academic/education background and high degrees go through the same cycle. At the end, we are all hard working and self entitled slaves to our own lives reaching for the endless sky each day and night. We all have dreams that we want to accomplish and there are steps must be taken, whether it’s a first tiny step or a huge step we’re doing it. And we can only go forward.

Girl at the hiring event in some city of NC

4 responses to “Letters not send, #3”

  1. Don’t make a habit of keeping letters to yourself. Always choose to send them. Trust me I should know 😉 great post

    1. Thank you. There are just some letters that I simply find that I can’t throw away, but also at the same time can’t send them either.

      1. Regret lies more heavily in things you didn’t speak rather than things you did..

  2. MaiMai, you are exactly correct!

    That guy is a jerk! Reading this just makes me angry because I am in a similar situation. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering but am currently working as a technician. When I graduated, I believed that I was going to get a job in engineering since I heard that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates are needed and are in short supply and STEM jobs are plentiful. However, whenever I apply to a job, it’s “you don’t have enough experience” or “you’re overqualified.”

    Great! So how the heck am I suppose to get experience if I’m overqualified?! And how am I suppose to qualify if I cannot even get experience?! On top of that, I got student loans to pay off too. So what am I suppose to do? Take a low-wage dead-end job? Apply for a job without mentioning my degree? Lie my way to a job? Practice and learn how to pretend and lie?

    This sucks! I believed in education and wasted 5 years of my youth on education, something I believed is necessary for a better future for oneself. I will never be able to ever get back the five years lost. All I have to show for all these 5 wasted youthful years are a useless degree, $40,000 student loan debt, moving back in with parents, a big “you’re on your own and f*ck you” from college, and 5 years older along with missed opportunities.

    When I go to sleep at night, these thoughts haunt me every night and are constant reminders of what happened. In my dreams, everything is alright: I have a well-paying job that I like, am able to support myself and others, married or probably dating, and enjoying life and helping out others. When the alarm rings, I am awaken and back to harsh reality. Another day is coming.

    At the least, I have shelter and a temporary job. I guess I should be thankful because there are others who are worse off than I am. No matter what, I bought the lie that education equals success, and took out loans for it. It’s my fault and responsibility for my own decisions and consequences. Depression gets to me but I stay hopeful by keeping a journal and writing down my life and feelings and plans. I believe that my situation is not forever and I will find a way to make things better one day if I keep trying.

    Thank you MaiMai for such a considerate and supportive post.


    A guy graduating from a university in Minnesota back in 2014.

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