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My Hair Loss Story

Yesterday, I posted that baby chicks are my worst fear, and they still are. However, I don’t worry so much about baby chicks. One thing that I constantly, constantly, constantly worry about is hair loss. At my age, 22, a regular lady would not really have to worry so much about her hair because it should be thick, strong, shiny and beautiful. Unless, of course you were born with thin hair. However, I’m neither of the two description. I was born was strong, thick, healthy, dark black and long hair. I never had to worry about thin hair or more specifically hair loss. It was only until after 8th grade that I started to notice about my thinning hair and hair loss, since my hair tie keeps reducing its size. Before, I would have to use the jumbo hair ties because my hair so thick that if I use the “Goody Ouchless” hair tie the band would just snap apart. And of course I didn’t have any bald spot on my head so I didn’t care much about wearing my hair down after not washing for days. Now though, I can’t really do it I’m aware of my bald spot on the back of my head. 

And of course I would fix my hair like everyday. I didn’t do the crazy teasings, hairsprays, or any heat. By fixing my hair I mean something like put it up in a bun, half down half up, braiding it, or sometimes doing heat less waves and curls. I don’t mean to brag, but before Michelle Phan posted her video on how to do “Paper bag curls” or before anyone posted videos about how to do those heatless waves and curls, I was already doing these same methods. Only, I preferred to do my curls or waves with stockings that I would cut into pieces. Anyway, back on topic, that is what I mean by styling my hair. And whenever I take a shower, no hair would cling onto my fingers everything was intact in their lovely places where they’re supposed to be. As we all know before people became educated about the damages of chemicals in everyday product we used, or before there were so many products from the same brand name, I didn’t have to worry about the shampoo I used. I mean back then shampoo was pretty simple because there would be like three or four different bottles from one brand name and you would just get the one you usually get. However, one day all of sudden shampoo and conditioners came in separate bottles. And there was so many different types of shampoo for different hair conditions. So, I was just still a kid and my mom doesn’t know how to read English so we just bought a random Pantene shampoo.

From that Pantene shampoo that we bought, hair loss starting occurring a bit before my middle school years. And then when I got into middle school, other Hmong ladies and girls would tells us about other shampoos they used that don’t give them ANY hair loss. So we (my mom, older sister and me) switch to Suave. And as luck would have it there was so many scents. The hair loss didn’t really stop there the same amount of hair was still coming off as usual. And so we just stick with Suave up until my freshmen year of high school, I think.

My 8th grade year I got injured like really bad and don’t even know how it happened. I had a slipped disc otherwise know as herniated discs. Couldn’t really walk around because I was in pain so bad that I was technically limping around going to classes and at home. Stay in a wheelchair for two weeks. My parents tried everything to at least help it cured or keep the pain calm. We try almost everything, except surgery which was what the doctor recommended. The last resort was this type of herbal medicine that I really have no clue what it’s called, but it works and the pain went away. Of course, I still had and still am careful about my daily life and when I’m careless the pain comes back for a few days, but it goes away with care and rest. I also had to admit that I gain lots of weight, I probably gain like 100 pounds.

During my time of injury my hair tie size went down like crazy and I don’t really know if it has anything to do with my spine disc injury. But I went from these jumbo hair size ties to the “Goodies Ouchless Gentle Hair Elastics,” and sometimes I use the thinner elastic ones as well. Somewhere along my high school year, my dad started to work under this Thai business selling all natural products such as shampoos. So, my mom was worry about my hair loss and we order the shampoo set for me to use. There was the shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic, and hair protective serum. I loved using the serum for my split ends and dabbing a bit on my hair before going out under the sun. I also used the hair tonic, but the results though…yeah I’ll just leave it there. The set was expensive and then since it really wasn’t working for me after two years of using, my mom had my older sister ordered another all natural shampoo. I used that for a long time and it I had a lot of dandruff, so I stopped using that because  it was also expensive as well.

My older sister was also experimenting her moments of hair loss, even worse than mine if I should say so, and hers are from South Korea and heck expensive. So I started to use hers as well and they work fine my hair loss decreased a tiny bit. However, she couldn’t really afford to order them because it was crazy expensive (Just in case you’re wondering all of this is happening from the my high school year up until now with no specific amount of years). So for a while at college I used Garnier Fructus, I also try the Organix Cherry Blossom hair shampoo but it made my scalp itchy. Then, at last year Hmong New Year, my sister bought this Indian hair shampoo. And it works wonder for me. At first I was worry that I would have to order online, but then it turns out that this one local Hmong store sells it. Therefore, I’m using that same shampoo still.

Remember how I mentioned I didn’t really take extra good care of my hair because it was healthy. Well now I take extra extra care of it. My hair is technically damaged, it’s rough, frizzy and have lots of split ends. So now I always have to have one bottle of heat protection before I decide to curl it on the spot or straightened it. I still don’t use an iron curler or straightener as much. However, beside my weight being my only worry, my hair loss is another worry for me. Sometimes I can’t even wear it down the day after I wash it because I’m afraid of my bald spot showing. Whenever I fix my hair for an occasion I always made sure some of my tiny bald spots are covers, give it an extra gentle teasing for volume, or I would just put in in a pony tail and just add a hair decal.

However, worries just give more stress and stress can just cause more hair loss. Therefore, for the last few years I quit worrying about it. In which has improved my hair loss conditioned even though it’s never going to be thick and strong again. There are times when I joked around my friends that I’d just buy a wig because then I can get a burgundy wig. And I also joke about getting hair transplant one day, although now that doesn’t really seems like a joke anymore since it also looks like a resolution for me to have more hair. Any way what do you have any body complex that you worry about? If so, share it in the comment section below.

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