That Girl

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So, I really don’t know where to begin this complicated story. However, I do have to admit that Ladies, I’m really jealous of all of you. I mean you ladies can sit all day and talk to each other about problems you have or just bad mouth other women; and us men can’t really do that. I always wonder why can’t I be like that sometimes. Maybe it’s got to do with our pride. I don’t know. Anyway, here is my story.

There was this girl that I grew up with, we were like childhood friends and went to the same schools and stuff. However, one day in high school I decided to ask her out. I thought to myself that we’ve been friends long enough and I want to develop our relationship further. So, I asked her and she rejected me. I was hurt by the girl so much after that and things became very awkward between us. We stopped sitting together at lunch and every time when we studied together it was just full of silence. However, it was even more awkward when started to date this one fellow on the basketball team. I was jealous at first, but then found myself later on dating some other girls. Of course, they were all good relationships, except for this one girl who was a crazy psychopath always calling me every ten minutes. 

Later on, we both went our separate ways. She decided to attend University of Virginia, and I went to Emory and Henry College. Well, after a few years, more like two, we finally met each other when her family was throwing a go away party for her younger brother. She was in a relationship with a guy she met at a college party. Of course, while I was at college I also met another girl whom I really like, and we did hang out together because we were studying in the same field. You could say that I was also a little bit jealous because I kind of still like her, just a tiny little bit.

However, just a few weeks ago I met her again at home and she did the unexpected thing. She asked me out. I was shocked and surprise, but I didn’t gave her an answer. Why? Because I was planning to my friend out since I started to like her more than my childhood friend. I didn’t hold any grudges against her, but I asked about her boyfriend. In which, she replies that he was abusive so she broke up with him. Hearing that I did feel some sympathy for her, but as I was talking to my sister about it. My sister told me that maybe I just pitied her and got that feeling mixed up with sympathy.

Later, I told her that I was sorry, but I couldn’t go out with her because I like someone else. She then started to cry, and you all know that saying “a woman’s tear is man’s weakness” well just imagine how I was feeling. However, I finally managed to told her that she will find someone else better than me. The truth was that before I met up with her, I thought about so many things in my head and I normally don’t like to think.

I thought if she really truly wanted to date me, or if she just wants to date me so that she can a have someone to lean on. I thought if I would be happy dating her, I mean asked her out once in the past although I got rejected. I thought about if we can remain friends even after (possibly will or won’t happen) we end up on bad terms. Then I finally got my senses together and said sorry to her.

I haven’t talked her since that day and I did ask my friend out, to which she said yes. Sometimes, I do think about my childhood friend if she is doing alright. However, one day as I got onto Face Book I saw that she updated her profile picture with another guy. Whom I assume is her new boyfriend. So, I texted her to see if she was doing alright. And she replies, “I’ve been waiting for you.” Her answer was so vague, that I didn’t know how to respond and have yet to respond. I think to myself that maybe that guy in her profile picture was just some random dude she is hanging out with to seek comfort or maybe he is just a nice friend. Whatever the case maybe we walked on two separate path and once in a while our paths would cross.


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