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Clothing and Culture

I love wearing Hmong clothes because the outfits are so beautiful and intricate. Depending on the style, some outfits can take weeks to months to finish. Hmong outfits for women can be worn with pants or skirts. It can range from very simple to extravagant, decorated with beads, bells, and coins. For women and girls,… Continue reading Clothing and Culture

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The Girl who wore toothpicks

As a kid, I wore toothpicks in my ear piercings for almost six years. Maybe even longer. I got my ears pierced somewhere between five and six years old. I remembered seeing my older sister wearing pretty earrings and always wanted to wear them, that I always asked my parents to buy me any set… Continue reading The Girl who wore toothpicks

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gnoce vs. pandora

Today’s post is going to be a bit different. It has been a long time since I wrote any fashion post, so today, I’m going to be comparing two jewelry website: Gnoce and Pandora. A few days ago, I ordered two charm bracelets, one from each. Today I will be comparing the bracelets. I’m going… Continue reading gnoce vs. pandora


My Favorite Plus-size Shops

Hi there, my name is MaiMai and I’m a plus size Hmong girl who has to work and save money just to buy me clothes because I shop at high-end stores. Just kidding, but really, I am plus size and the places I shop at are not that cheap. Being a plus size sometimes causes… Continue reading My Favorite Plus-size Shops