10 Animes to Kill Time

I love watching anime. It is one of my favorite hobbies, sorry Hollywood, Thai lakorns, Kdramas, Jdramas, and C-dramas. Sometimes when I’m really bored, I usually rewatch an anime series or an episode. Today, I’m sharing ten of my favorite animes. They’re not listed in any particular order and you can watch them on platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Uzaki-chan wants to Hang Out (Two Seasons)

This anime is about two college students, Hana Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai. After reuniting with her senpai, Sakurai, in college, Uzaki makes it her goal to hang out with him because, in her eyes, he is a shut-in introvert and loner who enjoys playing games. The story is hilarious and the development is perfect.

Sasaki and Miyano (One Season)

As a fan of BL, there was no way I would skip out on this anime. Unlike other BL animes where one of the protagonists would be a bit forceful, Sasaki and Miyano has a perfect romance develop where each party respects the other.

Given ( One season and Two movies)

This is another BL anime, and if you like music or playing an instrument, you’ll enjoy this show. It’s about how two high schoolers form a relationship, basically through one teaching the other to play the guitar. This show also touches on the topic of moving on and letting go of a loved one. Also, there’s a second couple whose relationship is further shared in the first movie.

Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life (One Season)

This is yet again another anime that focuses on music. This time instead of a guitar, it is the koto. A koto is a plucked half-tube zither and Japan’s national instrument. Delinquent Chika has been embroiled into all sorts of trouble, especially when he gets framed for destroying his grandfather’s koto shop. He decides to join his high school koto club–it was a rough beginning for him and the club’s president. Other students joined the club, and most had their purposes for joining. While the romance potential is existence, there’s no romance, but there is comradeship. Also, the music is just so good.

My Roommate is a Cat

Told from Haru’s (the cat) perspective, Subaru is a writer, a shut-in, hates interacting with new people, and always gets extremely nervous. When he lost his parents in a freak accident, this caused his problems to worsen. He decides to take in Haru, a stray cat, and begins slowly changing for the better. Haru also begins to change as she starts to live with him as well. Since the story is told from Haru’s POV, we do get to see her life and struggles as a stray cat which is heartbreaking. Subaru’s POV is weaved in time to time which allows the audience to see how Haru is slowly becoming his family. Also, Haru has quite the personality, and she totally stole the show.

Don’t Toy with Me Miss Nagatoro (2 Seasons)

This anime has a plot similar to Uzaki Want to Hang Out, so I won’t go into details. The only difference is that the characters are high schoolers.

Poco’s Udon World (One Season)

The story follows a 30 years old Souta, who returns to his hometown after his father passes away. Unlike what the title may sound like, this is no show about a son taking over his father’s udon restaurant. Instead, Souta finds a young boy, who is actually a shapeshifting tanuki and names him Poco, who enjoys eating udon. The story focuses on their relationship and Souta’s life as he has to figure out what he wants to do: go back and keep living in Toyko or not. Spoiler alert: if you don’t like heartbreaking endings, this anime may not be for you.

Horimiya (One season)

This anime is a light-hearted high school romance between two high school students, Hori, a popular girl, and Miyamura, who keeps to himself. The initial meeting that got the sparks going between the two was quite unusual and through off Hori as she didn’t recognize Miyamura. The romance development was set at a good pace, so everything happened quickly. Overall, it’s a good watch if you’re looking for something peaceful, quick, and no drama. There have been words about a movie coming out this summer; although I’m not sure of the release date and when it would be available to watch online in other countries.

Barakamon (One season)

If you’re an artist, then this anime may speak to your soul. 23 years old calligrapher Seishu gets sent to a remote island after he gets into a scandal by punching an elderly critic in the face. There he meets Naru, a little young rascal full of joy and laughter. He spends his days on the island trying to figure out his own art style, while getting to know Naru and the villagers.

Yona of the Dawn (One Season: 24 episodes)

I loved and enjoyed reading the manga series, so when the anime came out, I was excited. Sadly, I don’t think there will be a second season. The story follows Yona, a princess, and Hak, the country’s general, and Yona’s childhood friend, as they flee after the king gets murdered by a coup staged by Seo Woon, a childhood friend of Yona and Hak. The story’s central focus is on Yona’s development as she searches for the descendants of the four dragons with Hak and seeks revenge for her father. I’m going to be honest, not all audience was a fan of Yona, but since I also read the manga, I have witnessed her development from a spoiled princess to a strong woman and fighter. So I had no issues with the anime.


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