Flawless Salon Nails Review

The Flawless Salon Nails by Finishing Touch is an at-home kit with a complete set of electric manicure tools. It comes with the drill, shape and file head, grind and smooth head, shine and smooth head, buff and prep (2 different sizes), and cuticle care head. The drill has two speed settings that rotate in both directions. Finally, it comes with a USB cable because the tool requires charging.

Now, I found this toolset at my workplace for $19.99. I also searched online, and it is being sold for the same price at other places that carries Finishing Touch products. As soon as I bought this product, I used it to remove my gel extensions. So, what I did was cut the length off with a nail clipper and then used the grind and smooth head to remove the layers of gel on my nails. I used the lower speed setting, and it took about 3 minutes to get off the gel topcoat. By the time I started the second nail, the tool was getting hot, so I stopped using it. I finished removing my gel polish with a nail grit file and acetone. After storing it for a few weeks, I decided to use it again a few days ago to remove my acrylic extensions and found that I had the same troubles. I removed all my extensions with a nail grit file and acetone like last time.

I also used all the other heads that came with it and found they all worked decently and did what they were supposed to do. Unlike the grind and smooth head, which seems like it already needs to be replaced after the first use, they are all still in usable conditions. I also liked that the drill is chargeable because I can use it wherever and whenever. However, the length of the cord is relatively short. I mean it could not even sit on my desk while being charged. Instead, I left it on the floor while charging.

Now, I have had a set of cheap battery-operated nail tool kit purchased from Dollar General a long time ago for $10. Comparing the Flawless Salon Nails kit to my old nail tool kit, the Flawless kit is not as good. So, if you are thinking about buying the Flawless Salon Nails kit, you can probably find something cheaper with the same quality. Overall, I was disappointed with this product because I expected something much better for twenty dollars.


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