My Skincare Routine

As you all may now know, I try to take super good care of my skin. Fighting through dermatitis, I learned that too many skin products could cause breakouts or damage the skin barrier. A few years ago, I fell in love with the ten to twelve steps skincare routine. For the longest time, I did not have any problems. However, so many products came out, so after reading reviews, I had to buy them, and my bathroom shelves were just full of skincare products. Fast-forward to my most recent breakout of dermatitis, and this very day, my dermatitis has receded for a few months. Today I will share all four skincare products I used during my battle with dermatitis, which I am still using. 

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

When I finally decided to pay a visit to the dermatologist, I was informed to stop using fragrance skincare products. The dermatologist suggested that I use this cleanser along with the moisturizer. So, I went to Walmart to purchase this cleanser and moisturizer. I also threw away all my expensive skincare products. Now, I read reviews and some people do not like this product due to the slimy feel. This cleanser does have a gel-like consistency which explains the claims of the slimy feeling. However, I did not have that dilemma. As soon as I used the cleanser, I fell in love with it. It did not sting my face or leave my skin airtight dry. It also comes in a pump bottle which I find to be very convenient for me. It is very gentle on my skin, so if you’re the type of person who needs to clean your face twice a day, I think the ingredients are gentle enough to be used twice a day. 

Cerave Daily Moisturizer

This was the moisturizer that was recommended to me by the dermatologist. I love this moisturizer because it keeps my skin moisturized through the day and night. I only use this twice a day, but when I was struggling with dermatitis, I carried a traveling size because I had to wear a face mask at work, which worsened my dermatitis. It would cause my skin to be itchy or feel tight and dry. Again, I like the pump bottle system and how it feels nice and gentle on my skin.

Cerave Resurfacing Retinol Serum

I was also informed to stay away from retinol products during my dermatitis phases, so I only recently started using this product. It has been about a month, and no damage has been done to my skin. I do not have fine lines, but I have a few uneven skin tones here and there. So far, I have noticed minor improvements in areas of uneven skin tone. Since I have sensitive skin, I apply the retinol serum after my moisturizer. 

Cerave Eye Repair Cream

Like the retinol serum, I have only been using this product for a month, but I can say that I have seen improvement as it has reduced my dark circles’ appearance. Although, I do need to mention the fact that I do not have horrible dark circles. Now, if I wake up with noticeable dark circles, that means I did not get enough sleep, and usually, getting enough sleep keeps my dark circles away. However, I found that if I did not get enough sleep, using this repair cream the following morning reduces puffiness around my eyes. 

These are the products that I am using daily for my skincare routine. So far, they have worked wonders, and I have not had any problems. These four products can be found almost anywhere–Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Ulta, etc. I also think that the prices are reasonable and affordable. I love these products, I enjoy my simple skincare routine, so I do not plan to stop using these anytime soon.


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