Dermatitis Free-At Least for Now!

The last time I wrote about my irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) was probably around April. Since that last post, I have had an ongoing battle with my dermatitis breaking out after one or two weeks. However, I am glad to say that my dermatitis seems to have gone away for the last four months. I am thrilled and exhilarated that I did not have to deal with my dermatitis because it was such a pain in so many ways, and if it does ever come back, I at least now know how to deal with it.

If you have been following me, you will know how I started using CeraVe and the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume. However, these products only kept my dermatitis under minimal control. I was despondent because it also seemed like my dermatitis could not get to the bottom of the underlying issue of why my dermatitis could not simply go away.

During this time frame, I was also experiencing a reoccurring toothache. So, I made an appointment at my dentist’s office and went in for an exam two days later. He took out the tooth. A few days later, the skin on my right side of the face started to clear up. That was the side that the tooth was taken out. Two and half weeks, I went in for my general dental cleaning appointment, and another tooth was taken out on my left side as there was a hidden cavity that had already reached so far in the layers of my tooth. Soon enough, the skin on my left side started to clear up. So, since my dentist appointments, my dermatitis has disappeared.

Is it possible that those cavities were the cause of my dermatitis? Possibly, because I am going to come clean. I had had that reoccurring toothache for quite a while, but the pain would occur one day and disappear for four or five months. So, I thought I would address the issue when it was time for my six-month dental cleaning appointment, but only I went to the dentist sooner than expected. I also do not think that it is a coincidence that my dermatitis began to flare up during the same time when I had the reoccurring toothache. Additionally, I also did some research and found that although more research is still needed, oral health is an essential factor in your skin’s health.

So these past four months, my dermatitis has not shown up. However, I am still keeping to my simple skincare routine as I have grown to like the CeraVe products. Plus, it also seems that my skin loves and appreciates the simple steps instead of the overwhelming ten to fifteen steps. Will I ever go back to using Korean skincare products? Probably not, but I do miss them and the cute packagings.


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