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Spicy Ramen with Pork

During my undergraduate years, I always made sure to stock my food pantry with boxes and packages of ramen. They were easy to cook and if I was in a time crunch or did not feel like going out to eat I would just cook a pack of ramen, sometimes two. Also, I was a broke college student. However, I like to make my ramen a little fancy. Today I am going to share a simple spicy ramen recipe, you may already have most of the ingredients if not, you only need to buy a few things.

-1 pack of spicy chicken ramen
-Chopped green onions
-your choice of meat
-1 cup of water
-oil (optional)

1. Slice your meat into any size you desire and stir fry it in a pot. I used pork belly, so I did not need to use any oil. However, if you use lean mean like chicken breast then you will need a little bit of oil.
2. When the meat is done cooking, add water. While you wait for the water to boil, rinse and chopped the green onions.
3. Add the noodles when the water boils. Now, depending on how well you can handle spicy food, you will only want to add that amount of sauce. I only use a quarter of the sauce packet, because I can’t handle spicy food that well. Moreover, the spicy chicken ramen I used is very spicy.
4. Cook the noodles for about 5 minutes, I usually cook my for about 7-8 minutes because I like it extra soft and mushy. If your noodles are not yet cook, but you are running out of the soup, just add a little bit more water.
5. Put everything into a bowl and sprinkle the green onions. Bon appetite!

Additional Notes:
I bought my noodles from a local Asian grocery store, so if you live closed to one you should be able to find some spicy ramen there. If not, you can ordered it online I’ll share a few links below. I’ll also share a picture of the exact ramen I used in case you want to use the same one. If you want to add vegetables to the dish, feel free to do so. I did not add any vegetables because I did not have any available and was too lazy to go to the store.

Where to buy:
Amazon click here
Asian mart click here
Walmart click here

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