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The Girl who wore toothpicks

As a kid, I wore toothpicks in my ear piercings for almost six years. Maybe even longer. I got my ears pierced somewhere between five and six years old. I remembered seeing my older sister wearing pretty earrings and always wanted to wear them, that I always asked my parents to buy me any set of beauty toys with clip-on earrings. After I got my ears pierced, I started to develop an allergic reaction to the earrings and lost my earrings. My piercings were also beginning to close. My mom put a thread in both my piercings to prevent the holes from closing. That did not work, and so she did the toothpicks. Marking my adventure as the girl who wore toothpicks.

I had no problems with the toothpicks in my ear piercings. It was not like I worn the full length of it. My mom broke a tiny piece and put it in my ears. So, I wore short fragments of toothpicks throughout elementary school and also halfway through middle school. A lot of my peers would always ask me why I wear toothpicks instead of earrings. I was not one to talk much, nor did I always wanted to share my businesses with other students. Hence, I always told them, “My mom put them there. So I don’t know,” and just went back to do whatever I was doing. Moreover, I was never jealous of other girls wearing pretty earrings. 

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In seventh grade was when I started to wear earrings. One day my family and I were at Walmart. I followed my older sister to the jewelry section and saw jewelry pieces labeled nickel free. My sister picked one up, and she told me because the earrings were nickel-free and will probably not cause any irritations, I can most likely wear them. So, I picked one up after asking my mom if I can also choose a pair. I wore them to school the next day. Many students and my friends were surprised to me without my toothpicks. Honestly, I did not care much about their reactions, but as a month passed, I was delighted that I could wear earrings. Something I had always wanted too, but could not because of the irritations I would often get. 

As a teenager, I love earrings and collected so many pairs of earrings. Even my friends and other students loved my earrings that they asked where I bought my earrings. As time went on, I got over my earrings phase and threw away my old pairs of earrings. I no longer have to wear toothpicks, but I am not embarrassed, and I talked about it all the time. 

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