Hello 2021

Nothing Has Changed
Hello and welcome everyone to my first post of 2021. It feels like yesterday when I had just written my last post in 2020, and nothing much has changed. Seriously, nothing changed. I’m still losing hair. I’m always grumpy and impatient. Moreover, I still have to go to work tomorrow morning. Also, I still need to make a much needed dentist appointment. Moving on, for the first post of 2021, I thought that I would share my New Year’s resolution, which is nothing.

What Happened to Last Year’s Resolutions?
Last year my three resolution was to eat healthier, work out more, and save more money. It didn’t work out. In the beginning, I was working out three times a week for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. I was on a streak, but then I got burned out and lazy. I’m going to use the pandemic as an excuse for my laziness because I worked every day, and we were far busier than Christmas and Black Friday. I didn’t save money because of my humanly desire for nice things and the urge to shop online to destress myself. Therefore, I couldn’t eat healthier. Eating healthy is costly and materialistic–at least the materialistic part is my sole opinion. Hence, I gave up around mid-June.

Sometimes Nothing is Better
As I mentioned previously this year, I have no resolutions set; however, that does not mean I do not have small goals set forth. This year’s primary goal is to be happy and healthy–mentally, physically, and emotionally. This means making that much needed dental appointment as soon as possible, getting a few health checkups, rest and relaxing as needed, laughing more often, and getting rid of any toxicities in my life. In 2021, I want to focus on growing, learning, and accepting new challenges to become a better version of myself. 2021 come and catch me if you can.

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