Goodbye 2020…Hello 2021

2020 by far in my 28 years of life, has been the most dramatic and most challenging year ever. I spent the year working through the pandemic and dealing with rude people who would not wear face coverings and people who did not like waiting in line to shop. I spend my time at work listening to customers talking about doing new experiences due to quarantine, in which I have to admit I do not have the brightest customers. Additionally, I also spend time talking to customers because it has naturally become part of our job: compassion and care– who dealt with losses. Some of these customers are frontline workers—nurses, doctors, caregivers, etc. I don’t spend time listening to my sister—a teacher—but I overheard about online teachings complications. Plus, I also overheard most of her phone conversations with a colleague about how uncooperative some parents are and how mentally and emotionally distressful it can be.

If you are somewhat similar to me, then 2020 has yet to be the most challenging year we have faced. We struggle to stay healthy, mentally, emotionally, and physically strong. We struggle to voice our opinions on many political topics with the fear of disrespecting others, and yet other people disrespect our opinions. We struggle to stay safe and healthy. Finally, most of us struggle to remain creative and productive. The most crucial part is that we made it this far together.

I’m pretty sure we all probably learn one or two new skills over the year. I learned how to change my car headlights and spend 3.5 hours on both of them with my little brother’s assistance. Also, I’m talking about the lightbulbs; I mean taking out the entire headlights from my car and replacing them with brand new head lights. I also had to switch out the lightbulbs. I learn how to change my car oil. I learned how to sew three different face mask patterns and sent out some to my friends, who made some requests. I learned how to read a sewing pattern and made a whole Hmong outfit (this is my third outfit, but the first one I made with a sewing pattern. My previous two outfits were made the traditional box cut style). Finally, I learned how to use a Cricut machine, and I honestly thought I would never bother to learned it, but I got bored.

On another note, I also caught up with some incredible people from college. Some that I forgot about; I’m surprised that they remembered me. It brings back some perfect memories. Additionally, I spend more time talking to my friends through Facetiming or Facebook video calls. It was all significant to know everyone was still living through his/her boring old life. Overall, 2020 was crazy, emotionally, and mentally stressful. However, we all made it this far. We will continue to fight against this together in 2021—lastly, Happy New Year to everyone.

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