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gnoce vs. pandora

Today’s post is going to be a bit different. It has been a long time since I wrote any fashion post, so today, I’m going to be comparing two jewelry website: Gnoce and Pandora. A few days ago, I ordered two charm bracelets, one from each. Today I will be comparing the bracelets. I’m going to talk about quality, pricing, and shipping. Additionally, I want to note that any sales or pricing may differ from both retailers as all sales and pricing mentioned in the post are from when I made the purchases. 

I ordered both bracelets on November 16th. I received my Pandora bracelet on November 19th and my Gnoce bracelet on November 27th. I read a few reviews about Gnoce, and some customers had mentioned that it is a company based in New York but that the item was shipped from China–this is true. My Gnoce bracelet came from China–Hong Kong, to be exact, so shipping took longer. However, other customers ran into additional problems, which I didn’t. For example, only receiving part of the order or never got the order. Therefore, I did not have to use customer service from either retailer, so I cannot say about customer services.

The Pandora bracelet cost $207.05, which was for one silver charm bracelet and three silver charms. A few selected charms were on sale, but the charms that I wanted were full price. I did not have any discount coupons, so I paid the total cost. However, at checkout, I learned that Pandora partnered up with Klarna and Afterpay. If you don’t know what Klarna or Afterpay is, they are two platforms that many retailers partnered with where customers can shop and split the total into four installments with zero interest. So, anyone on a tight budget can use that payment option on Pandora.

The Gnoce bracelet cost $96.90, which was for one rose gold charm bracelet and three rose gold charms. After ordering the Pandora bracelet, I decided to search “bracelet similar to the Pandora charm bracelet.” That was how I discovered Gnoce. I bought the items on sale “buy two get two free.” Additionally, I received a 5% discount for my first purchase. Unlike Pandora, Gnoce does not partner with Afterpay or Klarna.

However, when it comes to variety and pricing, I admit that Gnoce is cheaper and has a better selection. Quality-wise the bracelet from Gnoce is as good as the Pandora bracelet. So far, both feels great and sturdy. At first, they both feel a bit stiff, but the stiffness begins to go away after a day of wearing them. Additionally, most charms can fit on either bracelet. I do want to note that only one charm from Pandora fits on the Gnoce bracelet

Both shopping sites offer good quality bracelets and charms. However, if you want more variety and affordable goods, then Gnoce will be the better choice. The downside is that it does take a little bit longer to arrive. Pandora has faster shipping services; however, it is more expensive and has less variety. Additionally, Pandora also offers payments through Afterpay or Klarna. Therefore, those on a tight budget can split up the total into four even payments without zero interest. I am thinking about making another purchase from Gnoce shortly as they have some cute stuff. If you’re not much of a cutesy or elegant type of girl, they also have some gothic and punk style jewelry. This brings me to my final verdict: Gnoce is the winner for me as it is more affordable and has more variety.

6 thoughts on “gnoce vs. pandora”

  1. Thanks for this.
    I love Pandora but I wanted a gothic style bracelet that Gnoce was able to provide. I managed to get a buy one get one free charm offer AND free bracelet on boxing Day sales.

    1. Hello,

      I’m not 100% sure if the Gnoce charms are 925 sterling silver. As far as my experience goes, I have not had a problem with my rose gold bracelet or charms. I wear it almost everyday except when I’m exercising and doing outdoor activities. After cleaning them, they are still in good condition. In my opinion, I feel that the Gnoce charms are just as good as Pandora charms.

  2. The Gnoce charms claim to be sterling silver but coming from china I seriously doubt they are of quality regardless of being stamped. The company’s claim is they are new york based but that is untrue. They are straight out of China. You get what you pay for doesnt apply to gnoce as they charge high prices for rubbish.

    1. Thank you for response. I know and understand this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I have been wearing my Gnoce bracelet everyday for for a whole year now and the charms still looks good as new. I can’t say the same for the Pandora bracelet as I gave that to my sister and she only wears it to special occasions.

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