what i learn after losing a parent

We all hate losing a love one. It is painful and unbearable, as if the whole world is coming to an end. It has been two years since my father passed away. During these two years, I have lost myself because I did not know what to do with my life. It was complicated and still is. However, during these past two years I have also learned a lot about grieving, healing, and moving on. Today, I am going to share with all of you the lessons I learned after losing a parent.

  1. It takes a long time to heal.
  2. You tell your friends to appreciate their parents.
  3. The last word exchanges either hurt or becomes a beautiful memory.
  4. Parents are human.
  5. They always had your back.
  6. You will talk with the air seeking guidance and wisdom.
  7. They will become stories to your children.
  8. They won’t be there for your wedding or maybe your younger siblings’ wedding. They just won’t be there no more.
  9. You randomly miss them and you randomly cry.
  10. If you are even a human being, you will live your best life in honor of them.

I went through a compulsive shopping spree for these past two years; it was something that I have never experienced. My money kept disappearing! I couldn’t save anything and would ran out of money before my next paycheck. It was just so horrible because I piled up on so much clothes that I don’t even wear. Additionally, I bought so many purses and shoes just to momentarily make me happy. Then I needed to a new laptop to go back to school and finish my Master’s degree, but I didn’t have money to reapply or to buy a new laptop. That was when, I knew needed to get my sh*t together and pull myself through. For the last two years, I re-evaluated my life while slowly putting myself together piece by piece. The process is never easy, but it will make you become a stronger individual.

4 responses to “what i learn after losing a parent”

  1. I lost my mum to cancer and yes it is a terrible experience, but at least in my case, I can tell myself that she isn’t suffering anymore. Wishing you all the best in your healing journey. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m sorry for your lost, losing a loved one is never easy.

  2. I’ve lost a loved one too and it is never easy to recover from. I might even go as far to say that we can never fully recovered from such a tragedy. Nothing can replaced them no matter what we do. All that’s left is to grieve for them and wish them well in the afterlife. What’s important is appreciating the ones who are still here because we never know when that unfortunate day will come. Thank you MaiMai for sharing your experiences! Wishing you the best!

    1. Thank you for your comment Kawm.

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