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For a Whole Year I Couldn’t Wear a Bralette Underneath My Shirt, Here is to Why

Today while I was getting ready work, I look at my bras and then my chest. Honestly, I was looking at armpits. My right armpit was especially pain from the compression of my bra. I rummage through to see if I have any available wireless bras. No, I was out of luck. However, I did have a bralette.

I especially love bralettes despite not having support. The last time I wore a bralette, one of my favorites one too, I got a bit offended. I was out with my friends, before left home I asked my sister to make sure my chest looks fine. By that I meant the following:

Is my shirt too thin?

Can you see my bralette?

Does it looks like I have multiple nipples?

If you are wanting a good laugh, here’s the downside to my bralette. It has these cute appliqués on it, but once it’s put on the appliqués don’t lie flat. So depending on what shirt I choose to wear, sometimes it may appears that I have multiple nipples.

Anyway, my sister gave me the ok and I was on my way. The day went by incredibly well. My friends and I were having fun, then we decided it was time for dinner before we head home. After dinner, since we had time to spared we were just walking in downtown Asheville. I didn’t notice it at first, but I was standing under a lamp post, so, one of my friend told me to stay still so he can a get a picture. It was a great picture and one by one each of us started line up under the lamp post.

Just as we were about to walk away, these two guys approached us or rather me. I have always been the one to ignored strangers, but one of my friends, began to talk to them. Before I knew it, one of them turned to me and said:

“Girl, I love those natural tits on you I can just take you home with us and have some fun. I like my girls with no bras on anyway.”

My guy friends, who are so overprotective on a whole other level, we’re just ready to pounce. Anyway we got them to leave us alone, but not before the other said:

“Why all of y’all so upset? We just want to compliment her.”

We call it a day, went home, and I never wore a bralette out to public ever again. On the way home, I was so upset that I asked my friends if my shirt was too thin. They all say no and I was wearing pink cotton t-shirt. I was feeling and doing great all day, until those two men showed up. My shirt wasn’t fitted, instead it was a boxy oversized crop top. I choose color that I knew wouldn’t be too light. I was feeling confident, but that was all gone within a few seconds.

I didn’t wear a bralette because I wanted to show off my d-cup breasts. I wore it because I wanted to be comfortable and at that time I didn’t have any wireless bras. Bras are so expensive and moreover,I can barely find my size, 40D at Walmart, Target, or Kohl’s. Sometimes I even have a hard time finding my size at higher end places like Torrid and Lane Bryant. So, I choose what I can afford, and I wanted to try wearing bralettes because they were on the rise.

I’m over it. Here is me with my bralette on that I’m going to wear to work so that I can be comfortable. Wearing bras all time can be suffocating.

I learned that I loved wearing bralettes because they are so comfortable and cute. But really, did those guys really have to stare so hard to make out to see if I was wearing a bra or not? Why does it matter if I was wearing a bra or not? Is it crime?

After a year of not wearing bralettes when I go out, even if it’s just to put gas in my car or go get bananas at Walmart. I put it on today to go to work. I told myself people can stare all they want because right now I can care less. My decision to not wear a bra is not a crime and most definitely not a shout out that I want a hook up. It’s my decision to be comfortable for the long day ahead. And on a side note, gentlemen if you think telling a random girl how nice her natural boobies are and wanting to take her home is a compliment, think again. Not all girls want to hear that especially from strangers.

1 thought on “For a Whole Year I Couldn’t Wear a Bralette Underneath My Shirt, Here is to Why”

  1. What a bunch of creepy weirdos! Like who goes up and compliment a stranger’s breast?! I too would feel creep out. Overall, I’m happy that nothing more happened that night. As for the bralette, wear it if it’s more comfortable for you. There’s no point in putting on clothes that make you feel uncomfortable especially if they can hurt you too. Stay safe Maimai. Wishing you the best beautiful!

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