My 2020 Goals

It has been a month since 2020 came upon all of us and I have had enough time to draft and rethink what I want for 2020. Each year I always come up with my New Year’s Resolutions, which is mainly always the same, and I don’t follow through my resolutions. Mainly because, I come up with them, but I don’t think of ways of how reach there. This year, thanks to a Health and Stress Management class I took two years back, I reevaluated my new year resolutions for 2020. This year I made sure that all my goals are reasonable and attainable. I also came up with ways of how I can achieve my goals.

Like always, my main goal this year is to be healthier. In the past I would have stated “to lose weight,” however, this year I am making it my goal to become more active. In which I am already started, but on a current pause due to some physical health that I’m currently recovering. To be more active, I’m trying to work out at 2-3 days a week for thirty minutes. This includes running on the treadmill, following some workout videos on YouTube, and practicing some Yoga and Pilates. For anyone’s reference, I am no professional at Yoga and Pilates but have taken quite a few classes when I was university so I’m just using what I learn from those classes and following the very same moves.

Additionally, I am slowly cutting off sweets in my daily life. Which, is quite hard and frustrating. However, I did it once for a month as my chosen project in Health & Stress Management, so I’m believing in myself that I can do it again for the whole year. I’m letting go of soft drinks, sweet juices, candies, fast food, and deep-fried foods. Oh, my poor soul and it doesn’t help when you live with your family because all those following above are commonly found at the house. Since I also work night shifts and don’t eat dinner until 9:30-10pm, I am going to start packing my own dinner.

Now, I didn’t just get up one day and be like “I’m going to go run on the treadmill.” It was hard to find motivation. So, I decided to buy two sets of workout clothes and a pair of running shoes. However, I decided that was not enough motivation. As a young child up until I started high school, I used to love journaling. Hence, I went back to my roots. At Hobby Lobby, I picked a set of small journals. One to record my daily workout sessions, another to plan my meals and the last one was just a blank journal. Whether you believe it or not, buying that small set of journals actually got me working out because I at least want to finish filling out the journals.

As of right now, I don’t really have the finances I need to buy my groceries for meal planning. Fruits and vegetables these days are just so expensive, but I tried to write down what I eat every day along with the proportions. There are days when I forget to write them down, but my goal is to at least try to remember to write down what I ate for at least 3-4 days per week. But after doing some research and saving enough money, I will start meal planning. Lastly, to be healthier, I’m trying to go to sleep early instead of lying on my bed in the dark watching funny things, browsing the internet for long hours until 2am.

My second resolution is to spend less and save more. Honestly, my life has been so depressing for the past year. I’m sure many of you have read this over and over again, but it’s the truth. After my father passed away, I’ve been splurging like crazy. Spending my paycheck down to the very last few dollars. I’ve been trying so hard to get myself back together, that it’s just a complete failure. The past year I have spent endless money on makeup, clothes, shoes, books, going out with friends, and many other useless things. When I was going through my clothes for donations, I was shameful. I told myself, “You’re better than this so stop spending money on things you don’t need.” In the past, I didn’t have such horrible spending habits, it only began when I lost my father. So, this year I’m refraining myself from spending too much. Remember the other blank journal? Well, that is now my budgeting book.

Online shopping and frequent store visits on my days off have become such horrible habits that I actually brainstormed how I’m going to achieve this. Instead of spending my days off on my phone shopping online, I’m just going to read all those books I bought. I probably have like twenty books I bought and haven’t read a single one. I’m going to pick up a new hobby, which is to learn how to play the guitar. I’m not musically gifted, so by the end of this year if I can at least play a Christmas song that will be a huge accomplishment for me. I did buy a lot of useless fabrics, most of them being baby flannel, so I’m making them into baby quilts and will be selling them online. Whatever I can’t sell will be donated. Lastly, I might be more active on the blog.

After I made my resolutions, I decided if I work hard to reach my resolutions, I should reward myself, praised myself for my hard work. My rewards are nothing too fancy, but I do enjoy a good hike. Thus, I decided that when summer comes along, I’m going to hike at Max’s Patch. It is supposed to be a very beautiful place and after seeing all the pictures, I had always wanted to go. So, I’m going this year just to see if the place is as beautiful as the pictures. This was when I realized, that me buying my small journals was a good thing because now I’ll be able to track and keep up on how often I work out, how much money I saved for the month, and what I ate.

Just case you made it this far and forgotten what my resolutions are, here is a quick recap:

  • Become more active by working out at least 2-3 times a week for thirty minutes. Record my workout sessions in my journal so that I can keep up with my progress
  • Eat healthier by cutting out soft drinks, sweet juices, fast food, candies, deep-fried food, etc. I will also be recording my meals in order to observe my eating habits while I do some research and save money to start meal planning.
  • Sleep early
  • Save more and spend less money. I’m starting to budget and to resist the urge of buying random things, I’m going to spend more time reading, learn the guitar, and get rid of my useless fabric collection. This gives me more things to do and will distract me from spending money.

Well, all the best for my poor soul who is on the way to become a better version of me for 2020 and the years to come. Good luck to everyone who is working on his or her resolutions.

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  1. Sorry! I have not stayed up to date with your blog. I’m glad you’re making 2020 goals and I hope you are successful. Setting goals is easy but the hard part is fulfilling them. Overall, it’s better for you to set them and attempt them rather than not setting any at all. Best of wishes to you MaiMai!

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