Blind Date Gone Horribly Wrong

I did it. I finally went on a blind date by myself. A few days ago a friend of mine set me up on a blind date. I was reluctant and didn’t want to go. Why should I spend one out of my two days off meet with stranger? Really, I got no plans but what is a better day than a lazy day? Somehow, after much convincing and nagging I told her “Fine I’ll go. Text me when and where.” And so she did.

She had claimed the guy to be a gentleman, well educated, and athletic. I’m definitely not that athletic, but I didn’t care. And so came the day of the blind date. We met at a local restaurant that I had to Google map because I never been there and I don’t eat out a lot.

He was all the three things that my friend had mentioned above. We had a conversation while waiting for our food. I’m not much of a talker, but he was really good at asking me questions and making sure the conversation kept going. Then it all went down the drain. Three of his friends show up by coincident and the greeter seated them right beside of us. After he quickly introduce me to his friends and vicer versa, I pretty much just listen to them talk.

Then I heard one of his friends telling him “dude she’s totally not your type. I thought it was going be someone a little different for your blind date.” I saw that he simply have them a smile before saying he really has no preference and a date is a date. He also mentioned that he was enjoying my company.

Their conversation continue and then the same friend look at me one more time, before telling him “bro she’s nice and all, but you can do better.” Hearing that, I glare at him lost at words. The waiter finally showed up with our food. Immediately, I apologized to the waiter, ask him to take my food back to box it for me, and to bring me my check at the register. The waiter looked at me confused, but kindly did what I asked. I look at my date with a sarcastic smile and told him it was nice to meet him.

That night he texted me, apologizing for his friend’s actions. He even said he wanted to meet up again, but this time I can choose when and where. I replied that I was good and did not want to go on a second date. A few days later he texted me again, and I just deleted his message.

My friend heard what happened and talked to me about it. As it turns out, he talked to her and wanted her to talk to me. I told her I wasn’t interested anymore and to tell him there are better girls out there for him. As for me I’ll find someone better.

One response to “Blind Date Gone Horribly Wrong”

  1. Good for you that you’re no longer interested in him. That dude’s friend need to learn to shut up and be quiet sometimes. That mouth of his is going to get him in trouble sooner or later. I lose respect for people like that. If that date didn’t protect you from his friends, he definitely would not be able to protect you from anything else. Moving on! May you meet and find a better man soon or he meets you soon!

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