My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Brands

A few weeks ago, I shared on my blog if buying high-end makeup products were really worth the money and that inspired me to share with all of you my favorite makeup brands that are affordable. Before I get started, I have to give props to these affordable makeup brands because they have come from a long way. I remember as a teen I’d go to CVS and the eyeshadows usually come in duo or quads. Bronzers, blushes, and highlights were sold individually, and the packaging was not the cutest. Nowadays even the packaging looks appealing and cute.  Anyway, let’s get started.

  1. Maybelline. Ever since I started to wear makeup, Maybelline has always and will be my favorite drugstore makeup. There’s no particular reason why I like Maybelline, probably because they were the first brand I ever tried, and I don’t ever have a hard time color matching with their foundations. I super love their new product, the super stay foundation, and the liquid lipsticks. The super stay foundation is to die for if you’re looking for long-lasting wear and full coverage. As for the newer eyeshadow palettes, I can say that pigmentation is something that needs to be worked on, but the colors are pretty cute.
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  2. NYX’s Cosmetics. It took me a while to discover NYX’s Cosmetics because it wasn’t sold around my location for a while and I didn’t know that Belk sold them. When I did discover NYX’s cosmetics for the first time, I fell in love with their liquid lipsticks. Then I tried some of their face and eye products that I find them to be okay. I didn’t super like them, but for the prices the products were good.
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  3. Covergirl. I use some Covergirl products, like their lipsticks, blush, and bronzers. I quite have a hard time color matching their foundation products, because I’m usually in between two shades so I usually have to buy two different shades and mixed them up. I also liked the eyeshadow palettes and actually own two of them, one I gave away to a friend because I don’t use it as much. Compare to Maybelline’s eye shadow palette, I think Covergirl is the winner for me because the pigmentation is just a tad bit better.
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  4. Loreal Paris. I don’t own a lot of Loreal Paris products, but I do have a few favorites. Their liquid lipsticks are fabulous, and they have a few different shades that I sometimes can’t find from Maybelline. My favorite foundation is the Infallible 24 wear stay, it gives me a lot of coverage. However, I don’t need a lot of coverage because I prefer to with a natural makeup look.
    Image result for loreal paris infallibleImage result for loreal paris liquid lipstick
  5. Wet n Wild. I used to buy a lot of Wet N Wild back in the days when they first came out because they were very cheap and affordable. Which they still are, and I like them for staying affordable because I always notice a lot of college girls shopping in the Wet n Wild aisle. I was even one of them. I don’t use a lot of their face products besides blush, but I love their lipstick collection and I do like using their eye products, especially their eyeliners. Some of the packagings are really cute like the Mega Cushion line. That’s one way to get attention and make money because I couldn’t resist and buy a few of the Mega Cushion products. Wet n Wild, is what I considered the perfect gifts for the girl who’s just beginning to show interest in makeup.
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  6. Joah Beauty. The only drugstore brand that you can find at your local CVS Pharmacy that is inspired by K-beauty. I’ve seen a lot of reviews on it from many YouTubers and I got to say, I don’t think most of the reviews did the beauty line justice. One, you have to understand how beauty works in South Korea, it’s all about looking natural and effortless. Secondly, just because you don’t like it you don’t have to give it such bad reviews it’s probably not made you, it’s probably made and catered to those that want a more natural and less bold look. With that said, I actually like all the products. I’ve tried every single product there is at my local CVS and the only thing problem that I came across is that the foundation is a bit too yellow for me. So, I do say there need to color for the foundation. One of my Black friends loves their lip products, she would like to try the foundation but there’s not one for her.
    Image result for Joah beauty  Image result for Joah beauty
  7. Milani. I don’t have a lot of Milani products. The only thing I own from Milani are two eye shadow palettes and the rose blush. I do love the two-eye shadow palette, I think the pigmentation is better than Maybelline, but the same rank as Cover Girls. In the past, I used a lot of their eyeliners and I do love their eyeliners. I may buy one again when I run out.
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  8. L.A. Girl Cosmetics. I like to think of LA Girl Cosmetics as another Wet n Wild. I don’t own any products from the line, but my younger sister does. Once, I forgot to bring my makeup stash home, so I went through her collection and saw a whole collection of LA Girl Cosmetics. I used them, and I actually like it. The only thing I didn’t really like, was that the foundation I used wasn’t really “sweatproof.” But it still lasted a long time and I didn’t have to reapply later in the day.
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These are some of my favorites drugstore makeup brands. Of course, there’s probably more that I didn’t mention and that’s probably because I don’t use any of those brands. So, if there is a drugstore brand that you want to share feel free to leave them in the comments.

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