Revisiting Kdrama: Autumn in My Heart

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Many of you may know that a long time ago I blog about my favorite Korean dramas. Well, I decided to bring it back because it is part of my life and it gives me something to write about on my free time. Today, I decided to revisit one of my favorite Korean Drama, Autumn in My Heart starring Song Hye Gyo, Song Seung Heon, Won Bin and Han Chae Young. I guess you can say that the Song-Song couple already existed before Descendents of the Sun. Anyway, Autumn in My Heart is a classic Korean drama, the plot line and the characters were really good. Plus, all the actors and actresses were so young back then.

Here’s a short premise for those of you that have not seen Autumn in My Heart. Long story short, two baby girls got switched at birth. Daughter A grew up with her rich family and is really close to her “brother” while Daughter B grew up in her not so rich, but not so poor either family. Later in their teens, both families learn of what happens and the daughters go back to their respective family.  Years later, Daughter A meets her used to be brother and they fall in love. In comes the second male lead, who just so happens to be the best friend of the brother. No longer a surprise in K-dramas, the brother also has a girlfriend/fiancé. Most definitely no longer a surprise, but more of a cliché, the female protagonist has cancer.

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If you’re wondering, I didn’t watch the entire drama only a few selected episodes and I fast forward some scenes. As a kid, I fell in love with the main soundtrack because it was so beautiful and as an adult, I still love the soundtrack. However, my thoughts on the characters have change. I used to not like Han Chae Young’s character, daughter B, and thought her role was irrelevant because she didn’t have many scenes. However, when I was watching Han Chae Young in the variety show Sister’s Slam Dunk, she mentioned about how she was originally one of the main characters, but her parts were cut short since she couldn’t act. Therefore, the drama came down to having three main characters.  As I re-watched it, I wonder how much of a difference would the drama be if Han Chae Young’s character had more parts. Would she have taken on the antagonist or just a mere supporting character like Won Bin’s role?

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Speaking of Won Bin, I felt so bad for his character. The man just loved Song Hye Kyo’s character so much that he was willing to do anything for her. I did like that scene when he took her to the hospital and had to call Song Seung Heon telling him to hurry up his ass. I definitely have to say as a kid I was team Won Bin and even now I still am. Although, Song Seung Heon is handsome I didn’t really feel for his character (???). Ok, I just really like Won Bin’s character that I could care less about Song Seung Heon’s character. I do think that while Song Seung Heon and Song Hye Kyo’s character were really deserving of each other, Won Bin’s and the actress that plays Song Seung Heon were also really deserving to have ended up with someone. Although, I guess it’s safe to say that no one had a happy ending and we were left with a cliff hanger.

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Autumn in My Heart is a classic Korean Drama and a good one. It’s actually one of the dramas that started the Hallyu Wave so it’s really well-known amongst many many K-drama fans. If you haven’t seen it then I do suggest that you watch it. I don’t think it’s much of a tearjerker, so you may not need tissues. Then again, I don’t really cry when I watch television. Overall, it’s a good drama to check out when you’re lounging around on a rainy day.

2 responses to “Revisiting Kdrama: Autumn in My Heart”

  1. I don’t watch Kdrama but I got a good summary of Autumn in My Heart from reading the wiki and what you wrote here. It is sad that the sister Han Chae Young never got much attention. They acted as if she never existed and the plot was mainly about 3 people only. It would be interesting if she had more scenes to the drama.

    I love that part where you mentioned that the brother has a girlfriend/fiance before meeting his original sister. Like dude, why you drop your fiance for someone who used to live with you? And most of all, I like how you mentioned the cliche that the female protagonist has cancer. It’s always cancer with these main protagonists. Like why? Of all the diseases or conditions that they could have, it’s always cancer. I guess cancer makes everything more intense and dramatic because the protagonists only have a certain time to live before dying. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi.. Pls visit my blog too. New blog. I love this drama too. I am also team Won bin and SHK..

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