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Expensive Makeup: Is it Worth It?

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After years of buying and wearing drug store makeup, I finally decided to actually purchase a few products from Sephora. Every time I go to Sephora it was with my sisters and I just look around at the products. I, for one, didn’t understand the craze of buying high-end products because I can get more for less at CVS, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. The main reason why I decided to make my first purchase from Sephora was because of YouTuber Tina Yong. I watched one of her videos where she demonstrated one of her everyday makeup looks using the Huda Beauty Rosegold Remastered palette. From there, I realized that the purchase was definitely worth it. Therefore, I made two more separate purchases from Sephora.

The sad part to my purchases is that I don’t have the time to get up and do my make up every day, therefore, they’re just sitting in my makeup caddy. And I don’t really have that many special occasions to attend to that I feel the need to put it on my face. Did I just waste my money on buying them?

Yes and no. I can definitely say that I already had too many makeups that are still good and didn’t need to buy any more. All my drugstore makeup are the newer versions, for example, the Maybelline Super-stay liquid lipstick and those city mini palettes. Additionally, I barely wear my drugstore makeup nowadays. However, buying those expensive makeup makes me feel good about myself. I work hard to earn my money and after dealing with rude customers for weeks, I should treat myself to something nice besides eating out. Moreover, it’s not like I don’t use my expensive makeup. I do use them, for example, I wear them a few weeks ago when I went out on my friend’s 27th birthday. And on my days off, sometimes I feel like wearing makeup because I just want to pamper myself since I always look so haggard at work. Plus, wearing makeup to work is something I just don’t do. The only thing I wear to work is a moisturizer and tinted face cream.

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So, is it worth it to buy expensive makeup?

Definitely. However, I have to say that if you’re not a makeup artist, intending to become a beauty guru YouTuber, or Instagram famous then you should buy it as a reward for your hard work. Maybe not three times in a row, like me but definitely once in a while. The quality of expensive makeup is so worth the money. I wouldn’t advise you to buy something from Sephora/Ulta for a friend, but a gift card of $25 shall do because they only have to worry about paying for a part of the price.

On the downside, I don’t suggest buying a new makeup line just because it’s created from your favorite YouTuber or celebrity. It can be all the craze around the makeup community, but if you’re buying it just because everyone else has it then that’s just a waste of money especially when you know for sure that it’s just going to sit in your makeup collection. For example, when Fenty first came out a lot my friends went to go get it. Out of my handful of friends, only two of them ended up using their Fenty products while the rest sort of forgot about it or just left it laying in their collection.

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Owning expensive makeup won’t make you feel more expensive or become prettier. It’s just another item to add to your collection saying you own something of high quality and it’s expensive. Definitely, not something to brag about to your friends or siblings. It is a nice reward to get for yourself as a birthday present, passing a hard test, getting good grades for the semester or after earning that degree. At the end of the day, you buy what you want to buy.

3 thoughts on “Expensive Makeup: Is it Worth It?”

  1. I love Urban Decay products but when I don’t feel like splurging….Target has everything I need.

    1. I love shopping at Target too and yes they do indeed have everything that I’m always looking for. Thanks for stopping by and commenting love!

  2. I definitely agree with you. Expensive Makeup is a luxury item. It’s something you buy to show that you have something valuable. It would not make you any richer. If you don’t use any of the expensive makeup, it would be a waste. Since you are using your expensive makeup, it’s not a waste. But if I were a woman, I would not want to spend a ton of money on makeup or keep buying them when I already have more than enough. And makeup is for special events and occasions. At the end of the day, it’s just there for you to use and there to remind you that you have a luxury item.

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