Some of you may wonder why I quit writing about the Hmong culture and what happened to all my posts about it. Over the past few years I had have rude comments on my posts regarding my posts about the Hmong culture most of them claiming about my little knowledge or that I know nothing. Before I write something I always ask for more information from my dad who is a respectable elder in the Hmong community. I also asked a few other respectable Hmong elders so that I can gather all the possible information before sharing them. I have always put out effort into my research as if I was writing a school assignment. At the beginning, my main goal of this blog was to promote the Hmong culture, but sadly their are a lot of other Hmong people who don’t appreciate it. Yes, I know that I may not know as much as they do, but I put effort into all my researching and writing to produce the best piece. Additionally, instead of leaving and sharing knowledge I had have more Hmong readers leaving comments telling me how much stupidity and knowledge I have and that my posts are unworthy. For the longest time I collected a lot of data and interviews from the Hmong elders on different subjects/topics and started writing rough drafts. However, I snapped, enough is enough as I have far more haters than supporters. Criticizing and calling my writings stupid is the same as looking down upon the Hmong elders I asked for help in order to write these posts. So, I stopped writing about the Hmong culture and turned my blog’s focus on other subjects to write about. If you were an avid reader of my Hmong cultural posts, maybe you’ll find more information on other available blogs.

4 thoughts on “Update”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your hmong culture posts, I’m sad that you won’t be writing them anymore. As a reader and follower you always encouraged people to share their knowledge, but I too have also seen that on your many Hmong posts many of the Hmong readers like to leave bashful comments always stating “you need to do research” yet they never share their own knowledge about the topic. I hope that one day you’ll write about your culture again.

    I also enjoy your other posts, hope to see more of your works!

  2. Nyob Zoo MaiMai,

    First of all, Welcome Back! It has been a long time since you have last updated. How has everything been? Still going to school? Working? Found something new in life? I’m just glad you have updated after such a long time.

    Don’t worry about those people who criticize your writings about the Hmong. They’re just negative people who have nothing better to do. I’m sure they’ll criticize your other posts as well. Most certainly, they know nothing. If they are so knowledgeable, they should correct what you wrote and clarify themselves. For the people who say your writings are stupid and unworthy, they speak for themselves; they are stupid and unworthy. I mean, they could have just ignored you and moved on. The fact that they had to waste their time to post comments show that they at least recognize some value in you and your writings.

    Those people who attack you are just as stupid. Why not dispute what is said in the post and provide facts/reasoning to support their claims? When people start attacking the person instead of the posts/arguments, they loose all credibility. If I read anything in your blog that I disagreed with, I would do my best to correct it instead of insulting you. Those people are morons and they’ll always be morons. And you should know that morons cannot be dealt with because in their feeble minds, they’re always the winners no matter what.

    I have not seen all of your Hmong posts. I think I may have missed some. Oh well! This means I’m going to have to go back to some of your older posts. That’s all from me. I hope you are well and best wishes to you MaiMai!

    1. Hi Kawm,

      Well I’m not the author of these Hmong posts, one of my close friend is. She usually sends the posts to me and I just post it on the site. Since she’s one of my driving force on this blog, I’ve tried talking to her, she says she’ll give it a thought.

      Although, I’m not so sure if she’ll come back soon since she’s been pretty busy and about to start planning her wedding.

      Anyhow thanks for your kind words. I’ll make sure to pass it on to her.

      1. Thank you Maimai! I’m so sorry for not noticing your response sooner but I guess later is better than never.

        Best wishes to your friend and her wedding! ^_^

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