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I Wish…

Beach, Wind, Drift, Sand, Contrast, Structure, Sea, Sky
Credit: Janx (Pixabay user)                    

I wish I was like the wind so my soul can set free from this vast garden of flowers, thorns, hives, and weeds. Thus, I’ll come a in soothing and calm wind storm to let Earthlings know of my happiness and joys. Perhaps, a roaring wind storm when I’m angry and upset. Even stay quiet and shut myself out from the world when many heavy thoughts are on my heart and sleep away for many days, weeks, or months.

I wish I was like the bright flowers that blooms on the first day of spring being picked by children and adults alike. Adding colors to Earthlings’ dull and gray lives. Waking up early in the morning without feeling tired and going to bed early without worrying about anything. And when fall approaches I can lay in bed for a long time, getting a good rest, and just wait for spring to come without any rush.

I wish was like a bird, any bird will do but I prefer being a yellow canary. So, I can sing in the wild share my sorrows without worrying being in tune. I can fly when I want and go wherever I want. Forever I’ll stay in wild and be spirit free. No one to judge me and if any birds shall judge me I’ll just flap my wings maybe give a peck or two with my tiny beak and fly away to another place.

I wish was like the river, full of life, laughter, mood swings, and running long and far. Instead of giving advice, I can finally just steer Earthlings to the right direction or maybe play a playful prank and steer them the wrong direction. I can cry when I want too and not be afraid to show my tears. I’ll worked up my currents when I get upset and calm when I’m too tired to play.

Image result for river

I wish I can be like the mountains so I can be many times stronger. I wouldn’t have to worry about the people needing support from me. I can let them walk on my back and help them carry their heavy burdens. My soul would never get broken and my spirit would spread amongst many major vast of lands. I’ll see plenty of beautiful views that many Earthlings won’t bother to see.

1 thought on “I Wish…”

  1. I see you want to be one with nature: the wind, the flowers, a canary, the rivers, and the mountains. Overall, you have all of those traits with you. You can be like the winds and share your anger and upset with the world yet be quiet for weeks and months. Like flowers, you brighten someone’s day and add colors to a dull life. Like a bird, you can walk away from negative people. As a human, you’re full of emotions like the rivers with the many currents, paths, twists, turns, and unpredictability. And you’re also strong like the mountains, carrying someone or some people that matter to you without ever breaking.

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