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Hopefully not, Stay Well

One day as I walked on the paved road in the park I saw young fit man jogged right passed me. My friend poked me in the ribs telling me how cute he was. I couldn’t see his face clearly because I had left my glasses in the car. But my friend had good taste in men considering their looks but not their personality. We were the only three in the park besides the two workers who were each mowing the two soccer fields. As my friend and I sit down for a short a rest he jogged right passed by us but stopped and turned around.

My friend tapped my right arm hard as she started to get excited as he walked closer and closer, but I ignored his approached. Talking to guys or men isn’t my sort of thing. He stopped right in front of us and asked to sit with us, my friend agreed and scoot closer to me even though the bench had plenty of more spaces beside both of us. He sat next to my friend.

For thirty minutes, they talked as I listened while I played games on my phone. Finally, he asked for my name and I told him. He told me he met a girl a long time ago at some of his relatives’ house with the same exact name as mine. And he told me the girl he met was with another girl and told me the name. The other girl’s name ranged a bell, I knew her. I mean she is still alive and well living across the street from my road, but we just haven’t talked in years. Finally, by this point I looked at him straight into his eyes and described the other girl. It was the same girl. We had met before.

However, before we could even have a conversation his friends showed up for a soccer game. And they also decided to join us at the bench. Before I knew it, it was time to go home. By now my friend had flirted and talked with every single guy that showed up. Just before I was about to opened the driver’s door, he stopped me by calling my name and told me how great he felt to see me again at ten something years. And as a joke I told him maybe we’ll meet again in ten something years. He laughed at my joke and agreed, but left me with some last words “Hopefully not, stay well.”

“Stay well.” Those were the words that he told me when we first and last met a long time ago. And much to my surprise I have been living well, very much well to my satisfaction.

1 thought on “Hopefully not, Stay Well”

  1. Wow! What a surprise! 10 Freaking Long Years! He still remembered you after all those years!? It is nice of him to wish that you stay well and I’m glad that you are well. It’s good that your friend flirts with many guys otherwise you wouldn’t have even known. But 10 years is a long time. I’m guessing it would not be another 10 years before you meet him again.

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