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Waiting for Love

I hope you all will enjoy reading this cute and funny, yet, sad post from my friend Addy.

This may sound silly, but I’m 24 years old. All my friends, well most of my friends, are married, engaged, and have boyfriends/girlfriends. My friends that are still single, you may ask. They won’t be single for long. In fact, they’re lucky simply because they’re always getting ask to go on a date. And me? I’m single for life.

My name is Adrianna, better yet Addy. I have never had a boyfriend before because my parents always emphasized education before boys. And my aunts always said “boys are not worth the tears” probably because they saw how my older sisters and cousins get heartbroken. So basically, I’m the queen of friend zoning. What lied. In fact, I have never had a boy asked me out before and I never cared. Boys treat me like their friends and I never care. And when my friends were recovering from heartbreaks, I was busying passing tissues to them and studying at the same time.

So now you’re probably thinking “is this girl even attractive”? No lies, I don’t think I’m attractive. I have never really put in much thoughts about my appearance. All I ever cared about is staying hygiene clean and at least look appropriate for school and work. Plus, guys are attracted to girls that are not obese, fat, or overweight. I’m all three. Fat, obese and overweight. So, what guy would ever be attractive to me?

But my friends are getting married one by one and my group of single friends are growing smaller each year. While everyone else seems to be getting lucky getting these hookups, I’m not. And if you’re going to suggest for me to join an online dating sites, then I suggest you don’t say anything. For me these online dating sites are like catfishing, SCAMS! But then again honestly, I have been crouched up in my room watching these lovely Asian dramas that my expectations for my ideal man just keep raising. And probably does not even exist in the real world.

It is not only because my friends are getting married, but I’m also starting to get lonely and jealous of my friends who are so in love. What is wrong with me? Is it the female hormones in me that are finally leveling up? Whatever the problem is, one of my close friend told me it’s called lovesick. Lovesick? I don’t know about that because I have never been in love before. Crushes? Yes, I had plenty of crushes, but their names are my secrets. Plus, I just want to experience all the crazy feelings of being in love. There is nothing wrong with that. Most importantly, I just want somebody beside of me and listen to my day and take care of me when I’m sick.

Until that days finally come to me, I’m soaking my free times with Netflix, YouTube, drinking wine solo, eating solo, and sometimes hanging out with my friends to rid of the loneliness. Are you in a relationship? If so, how is your love life? Or you someone like me waiting for love?

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