North Carolina Art Museum

The North Carolina Art Museum not only have a lot of nice art and photography collection, but also a very extraordinary exterior design. Actually, if you’re stuck in Raleigh and need to do some morning jogging you might as well check out the North Carolina Art Museum as it does offer a trail and you also get to see some nice exterior designs. As a bonus you can also bring you dog, but don’t forget to clean up after it is done doing its business.

During fall break I decided to visit some old friends in Raleigh, because I used to live there four years ago. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there and nothing has changed much. Nonetheless, it reminded me about why I used to enjoy the busy city during my late teens and why I now decided that the busy city wasn’t really meant for me. Unless of course I get like a job offer that is willing to pay me more than $7.25 per hour. Even though it was a short stay we managed to get around to a few places. And the art museum was one of them.
Actually, when I was in Raleigh I only went there once for art appreciation class. Now, I’m not the type to stand in front of a painting or photo and be like “Hmm I can see that the artist was feeling nostalgia because look at the model and her expression” or like “In this victorian painting, I see the person isn’t a person in fact the way she painted her skin and eye color makes me think that she is a vampire.” Yeah, my creative side isn’t all “Bombtastic.” Nonetheless, I do appreciate a good painting when I see one or a good photo when I see one.
However, the thing about the art museum that I enjoy the most is the exterior design. It’s just beyond beautiful even though it’s like smack right down in the middle of busy roads and streets. And of course I also enjoy my thirty minute walk. I don’t have a picture of it because of course I decided that I didn’t need to charge my phone overnight since and then my phone dies while I’m taking pictures. But the part of the exterior design is a beautiful pond that you can walk around or bike around, whichever one you prefer. It also offer a pavilion (that I’m not so much awed by) that is supposed be some sort of shelter, I’m not so sure and can’t quite remember.Now for the museum itself it has two buildings, West and East. In the West building, according the lady at the front desk, are temporary collections so like photography and a few paintings. And so that building usually show new artwork and there are also paid exhibition to attend. In the east building is where the permanent collection are, it has a few of Rodin’s work and of course of classical painting. And don’t be surprised if  you see a bunch of kids, they’re just elementary students on an artistic field trip. I didn’t take pictures of the artwork and whatever is inside the two buildings because, well, I think it’s just a rule of thumb that everyone already know about why taking pictures isn’t allow inside an art museum.

It is a nice place to enjoy some nice artwork if you’re an art critic, but if you’re not then it is simply a nice piece of art to enjoy a beautiful weather.

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