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A Day in Life as an EMT Basic

Currently, I’m working towards to get state certify as an EMT basic. It’s a lot of work and studying, I actually have fun in lab because my instructor makes it fun. And as part of the course grade, we have to attend clinical rotations. Great, is all I can tell myself because that’s one thing that I didn’t actually think we’ll have to do. Of course, I should of know about it because it is a state course. Anyway I sign up for my first 24 hours clinical rotation a while back during my fall break. And as a new regulation we need at least 5 patients contact, I only need one more and will be going back for 12 more hours this coming Friday and the following Friday.

Growing up watching hospital soap operas or movies always make the work seems to fascinating, but really it’s not like that at all. My very first day as at clinical was awful, actually all three days were awful. I was just kind of like thrown into a truck and very confuse. I didn’t know when it was my preceptor’s turn to go out for a call. I asked the first day but of course the guy only told me I’ll know when my preceptor is going because they all take turn receiving call. Actually, I was really intimidated because as soon as I walk in no one didn’t really seem to care about my presence except for a few paramedics. I don’t know if that’s really the nature of paramedics since they don’t get paid at all for doing this, but really I just wanted to go home.

Not to mention I’m the type of person that takes me a while to warm up to strangers, so I isolated myself and spend my lovely time studying. Even when I finally begin to warm up to strangers, I still don’t talk much because I always find myself not being listened too and being excluded from most activity. Needless to say, I survived those three days. And the following two days weren’t so bad because like I say so I was finally warming up, slowly.

However, it’s not as exciting as it looks and it’s probably because it’s just the beginning. But paramedics do move at a fast pace when a call is received, so if you’re doing clinical rotations you got to move out quick and get into the truck or get left behind. It’s not all that dramatic like in movies and soap opera. Although, I think that like teachers it is a job that is not so appreciative but at the end of the day it can be a rewarding one. If you can just think positive thoughts. Plus, it makes you think twice if you’re really into the health/medical field. I mean I always thought I was made for the medical services, until I started taking this class and realize that instead of being active, I need to be proactive. And of course I also realize that I don’t have the mind of a medical student yet, in which I’m glad because now I have a few more years to really gather my motivation and determination.

1 thought on “A Day in Life as an EMT Basic”

  1. Society lies to us all the time about how everything is. EMT is a tough job, being in and out of the truck at all time with low pay while also being aware of the patient’s condition. I’m surprised they do not get paid as much. The last time I called for an ambulance, the bill was around $2,000 to get to a hospital and $3,000 for treatment at the hospital. Can you believe that?! I swear those medics charge a lot for their services!!!

    I’m still surprised the EMT get so little. Like, if the EMT get so little, then what are people paying for? And who gets most of the money? I can never understand this confusing and expensive medical industry.

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