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Chicken and Spam Fried Rice


I love eating fried rice; however, more than that I love eating homemade fried rice. Today, I’m going to share with you all one of my favorite fried rice recipes. And this recipe is easy and cheap to make, especially for all y’all college students out there or those that lived by yourself. Also, if you’re a parent trying to get your kid to eat some veggies this recipe won’t fail you.

Carrots (chopped into squares)
Onions (chopped into squares)
Bell peppers (chopped into squares)
Chicken breast/thigh (chopped into squares)
Spam (chopped into squares)
Rice, preferably old rice or newly chilled rice
Soy sauce
Green onions (thinly chopped) for garnish

1) chopped all your ingredients if you need to. I usually avoid this by buying the prechopped vegetables or frozen vegetables.

2) In a nonstick pan heat the oil and then add the chicken. Let that cook and then add in your vegetables.Stir for two minutes and add in the spam, stir for additional 2-3 minutes. If you notice that there isn’t much oil left in the pan or not enough to add in the rice, you can go ahead and add in another small amount of oil.

3) Add in  your rice. If you’re using old rice and it’s all clump up I suggest that you gently break it up before cooking so that it will make the stirring much easier. If you’re using newly cook rice, scoop the amount you need into a bowl and chill it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes prior to cooking.

4) Stir and distribute the ingredients equally. And add in your soy sauce. Two tricks here are  to add it in small increments. So you want to add and stir. And don’t just add it in one spot, instead add it in a circle shape so that you can evenly distribute the sauce.  Also, you just want to make sure that sauce evenly coats your ingredients you don’t want it to taste like soy sauce or make the rice soggy. That is unless you really like the taste of soy sauce. Stir for 1-2 minutes  or until everything is distributed and remove from the heat.

5) Garnish with green onions and enjoy.


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