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Guest Post: Addiction to Kpop/KDrama

Submitted by Angela K.

The Hallyu wave is taking the world by a monsoon. Many teens and even college students are into Kpop and KDrama. If you are new to these two words, don’t need to worry because you’ll soon learn more about them or learn that you don’t really need to know about them. Just like how a person can show signs of being addicted to her smartphone, the same can happened with Kpop and KDrama. I know because I’ve been there.

In my senior year of high school, 2009-2010, my friend introduced me to a whole new world by three simple songs. Sorry Sorry by idol boy group Super Junior, Wedding Dress a solo by TaeYang a member of idol boy group Big Bang, and finally Gee by idol girl group Girl’s Generation. Those three songs were just the beginning. I then ventured into an even more adventurous world. My first Korean miniseries, Secret Garden starring the now famous actor Hyun Bin and popular actress Ha Ji Won. And the then famous talk show Strong Heart with famous MC and former pro wrestler Kang Ho Dong and the ever pretty boy Lee Seung Gi. It was a whole new world for me.I spent my summer working part time at Burger King and

I spent my summer working part time at Burger King and when I returned home I would stay up watching every show and episodes I miss. I would just pass out and the next morning I find my iPad next to me. Moreover, I spent lots of money buying DVD sets, posters, apparels, accessories, CD’s, and even concert tickets (only for US since I can’t afford to go overseas). It became my laughing medicine and stress reliever. Well, we all know that saying too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Summer went by like a fire being extinguished and then there I was in my college dorm, my very first semester.

I spent most of my days after classes watching dramas, catching up on the latest new song or girl/boy group idol. Finding old shows to watch. Sometimes I skipped classes to finish a show or start a new one. I stayed up late watching them and overslept. My only friends were my suitemates, roommate, the two boys who lived across, their suitemates and the two girls located to0 the room next to mine. And luckily, I only have five classes of 15 credits and five of them were in each one of my classes. The semester came to an end, and my GPA was a 2.1. The only A I received was my Calculus class. I ignored it telling myself I still got one semester to raise my GPA and since I’m taking more hours,17 credits, I should be fine.

Spring semester came along and there I was again sitting in front of my laptop. Halfway through February, I received an email stating that I needed to get a 3.0 GPA to keep all of my scholarships or I will lose all of it. It finally hit me, I needed the scholarships. Besides the student and parent loans, I couldn’t afford to pay with cash or do monthly payments. Never did I once check my grades online, so for the first time I did. They were all horrible there was no way I can bring up my GPA by the end of spring. I told my friends about my situation. The game plan was on. My daily schedule became so different and vigorous.

Since I don’t carry my laptop or iPad with me to classes, I head straight to the library after my schedule. There I study until dinner time. After dinner, I head back to my dorm with my roommate and instead of getting on my laptop or iPad, I started to share some of her hobbies. She was an art major. I learned many things from her over the past few years, such as techniques to capture the perfect moment, and of course how to turn my boring 2D sketches into 3D by using the correct shadings. In addition, I also participated more in campus activities and made more friends. Midterms came and I did fairly well, I can actually see some hope in all my classes. All I need was a 3.5 GPA for spring so that my overall GPA can be raised to a 3.0.

At the end of spring of semester, I received an email. The news shocked me. I made the Spring 2011 Dean’s list with 4.0 GPA. And in another email, I was notified that I was able to keep all my scholarships. I checked my unofficial transcript, my overall GPA was 3.4. That summer during a garage sale, I sold over half of my idols, DVD and CD’s collection. Only keeping the one that I really want. For the first time, I saw how I wasted my money. I bought so many products for so much money, but I couldn’t even sell them for half the price. Well, it’s an exception for the DVD sets where I sold them for 55% of the original price on Ebay.

I tried to watch my shows again, keeping up with Korean celebrities news and the latest song. But it wasn’t just the same. The pleasure I had in them before was gone. I started to learn new hobbies and did more voluntary work. Finally, I was beginning to pave my way to my future. And, I realize that let something so simple cover my insights. I discovered that there was more to life than keeping myself inside my room laughing in front my laptop over some slapstick comedy. Over the summer, some of my friends from high school and I got together and they would remind me about how I would prefer to stay at home on the weekends even when I had nothing to do and already made plans with them. It had upset them and I didn’t even bother to notice that they were hurt by my feelings because I chose some show over our plans.

Today I’m proud to announce that I’m 100% Dramafever free and finally got over my short era of falling heels over toes on these hot and pretty looking Korean celebrities. There are still moments in my life when I get to enjoy a good drama or show, but instead of watching alone I would watch it with my friends. And most of the times we don’t even pay attention as we would be chatting away about our everyday lives and talking about the future.



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