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Nostalgia. That Wistful Feeling.

Recently I learned about the website, Invaluable, it is an auction site that has all sorts of goods ranging from artworks to collectibles. Most importantly these goods are antique while looking through some items I find myself exclaiming “Oh I remember this from ages ago.” It just gives that feeling of longing and wistful affection. Nostalgia. And since it is a cold, breezy spring day here in North Carolina I thought this would be a good time for me to share some, well, memorable toys from my childhood.

Nowadays, you probably see these palm size balls for relieving stress I have seen tons of them as my previous roommates all had it. However, back when I haven’t discovered these stress relieving balls there was the water snake, that I think was way more fun and awesome. This toy was squishy and fun to hold onto because it does slip out. And when I went on class field trips I always have to buy one from the gift shop, literally they were sold almost anywhere. They were full of glitter and cute rubber toys. So when the water snake popped, at least, the rubber toys were saved. 

As a girl, I did have lots of Barbies. Moreover, my jewel hair mermaid 3parents used to sell toys, you can them as food vendors but instead of food, it’s toys. So many of my toys I actually earned them  by helping my parents with the inventory, pricing, and selling. One of the Barbie’s collection that my parents sold was the Jewel Hair Mermaid. And I had all three, Barbie, Midge, and Teresa. There was also the Black Barbie Mermaid the sad part was that it was not popular and my dad would only order the Black Barbie mermaid based on the amount of requests he received from customers. What made this line of Barbie so popular was, first and foremost it’s a   mermaid and you can take off her tail playing your own little story of The Little Mermaid. And finally, it has long hair, unlike all the other Barbies. She was just beautifully made. Even today I still believe that the mermaid  Barbie was and still is the most beautiful Barbie I have.


Of course, there are mermaid Barbies out there but these just doesn’t compare to the Jewel Hair Mermaid. There isn’t anything special about these modernized mermaid Barbies. The outfits are so ordinary and they just don’t stand out.

mermaid barbie

Finally, before I continue I would like to make an announcement that the school semester is almost over with and I’m just as excited as you are, probably even more. I also remember how much I dreaded when school was about to start and wished that I can have an extra week of summer.I even hated to go school supplies shopping.

However, way back into my elementary school years (4th and 5th grade), I couldn’t wait to start school. When we go school shopping and browsing through the supplies aisles we see spiral notebooks (even composition books) with different designs, many cute folders, pens, etc. These nice designs can make a girl’s school supply shopping more exciting and it’s a nice way to start school with trendy notebooks. A really popular brand back then for girls was Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank was an elementary girl’s heaven, the brand was so popular that it became a status symbol for popularity. Nearly every girl in my grade level had one, and I did too. In fact, my friend and I were amongst the first group of girls at our elementary school to have Lisa Frank school supplies. And our local Target store had just decided to sell them that school year.

As years go by there was less Lisa Frank materials being sold and then one day they disappeared. Now completely forgotten. Young girls growing up today don’t know about Lisa Frank products. There are some who grows up knowing about it because they have older sisters or cousins that still have a Lisa Frank binder/trapper keeper, agenda, the cover of a spiral notebook, etc. For example, I kept my Lisa Frank trapper keeper, binder, and agenda. And my little sisters also used them. In which, other girls would ask them where they bought it. Sadly, it’s not sold in stores.

Of course, school supplies today are also trying to market young kids and teens with the different, cute, and pretty designs. But I think it would also be fun to bring back some Lisa Frank items.

I can go on forever just talking about many memorable items, like Pokemon  and how they look so cute like they literally pop out of the cartoon. Unlike today, they just don’t look that appealing. I bought a small Pikachu keychain that I can hang  in my car, but every time I look at it I keep telling myself “This Pikachu looks nothing like the one I used to hang on my bookbag in elementary school.”

There are also many cartoons I grew up watching  and once in a while I’ll think about them just because I miss seeing them. There are many simple precious memories I have and I know you have many as well. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this post and walking down  my childhood memory lane if you have any memories you like to share please comment below and I shall meet all of you soon again in another post.



2 thoughts on “Nostalgia. That Wistful Feeling.”

  1. I remember Lisa Frank! I used to have a whole bunch of them, but I had to threw them away since the rings weren’t in good condition. Oh and maybe you can make a list of the cartoon that you grew up watching! That would be awesome to read!

    1. Hmm…maybe I will make a compilation of the cartoons that I grew up watching. I’ll just have to try hard to remember the names or do some research haha 🙂

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