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It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish


We all have a race, maybe two or more. But not all of us finish the race we start. Given, that there are natural disasters in human lives just like there is on planet Earth. Sometimes, our race change courses and we may end up at square one or maybe square three. For a long time, I always thought it was a good thing to do something new challenge myself at something and it felt so good doing all these new challenges because of the high appraisals. While taking a road trip with a friend and just looking at the mountains from far away and the snow was falling in like crazy, something also hit me hard deep inside of myself. I realized that many of the races I start, I never finished them. I always stop and leave in the middle of my races and someone else would pick up and finish the race I started. 

For example, there were few Hmong youth projects that I started including, including other youth projects whether it was through a nonprofit organization or school club. Pretty much, I lay out the foundation start the project. My problem is that my dedication to the project is nowhere close to the dedication I put when I want to sleep, shop, or hang out with my friends. Other youth leaders would pick up where I left off and finish the projects. They were the one that finished the race and benefitted the most. Even my closest friends would point out that my major flaw is not completing the majority of my own races.

They were all good race whether it was a short or long race, but my dedications lack and my motivations barely exist.  Honestly, I didn’t expect to be blogging this long I thought that this blog was only going to last a few months. Surprisingly, I think it’s almost been two years since I started this blog.So this blogging race is still going moderately strong.

Nowadays, when I talk to people younger than me and they’re so eager to hurry on with life. I find myself telling them to slow down because there are lots of things that you can miss at such a quick pace. And more importantly, it’s not how fast they move from one goal to another goal. It’s how they finish each goal and it’s important to finish the race. And, I realized that I needed my own advice for myself. My entire life I never had anyone to tell me “Hey MaiMai, don’t worry that you’re late or behind, it’s important to finish what you started.” People were always asking me about the future when I have no idea, not even the slightest, about my own future. The pressure of being compared to other peers of my age, “So-so started school, aren’t you going to go soon?” or “So-so finally got a job, when are you going find one?” It really bums me out because not everyone have the same pace or start at the same time. This is reality, LIFE.

It’s not how many goals you have written out that makes you look like an over achiever. It’s how many races you can finish.

1 thought on “It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish”

  1. Well said. What I got from your post is to just be happy with yourself. If you’re always comparing yourself with others, you’ll never be happy until you’re better than others. Even if you’re better than others, you’ll eventually want to be the best. And in trying to be the best, you’ll eventually exhaust yourself and burnout, leaving you stressful and in misery. But if you’re happy, you’ll always be happy! And if you’re happy with yourself, you have no need to compare yourself with others.

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