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Erase the Bad Memories

let go

Memories cannot be erased, but we can let go of them. We have memories that we want to erase. Memories that have scarred us, gave us pain, caused pain to our dear ones, and memories that we never meant to let happen. Not everything we want goes our way. We look back at our past and many of us have many regrets and we asked ourselves, “If I can start over, what would I want to do”?

We blame ourselves for past mistakes and hold on to them; sometimes we pile these mistakes and regrets. Until we find ourselves in a dark hole. Learn. We need to stop blaming ourselves when we blame ourselves too much we lose the light, lose our way, lose ourselves. Sadly, we can’t go back to a certain point in our lives, but what we can do is let go of those bad memories. Letting go is a blessing. Say goodbye to our bad memories and start freshly from this very moment onward.

Many of our bad memories are mainly worries about the future or regarding the future. Why do we need to worry about the future when our hands are also tied in the present? Let us cross the bridge when we get there, let us worry about tomorrow’s unknown when tomorrow comes. We cannot change the past, but if we dedicate ourselves to the present we can have the future that we dream.  When you let go of the bad memories, you can make more pleasant ones.

2 thoughts on “Erase the Bad Memories”

  1. I agree. Bad memories will always haunt us no matter what. I have had bad experiences too and now I am just a bitter guy. I tend not to let those bad memories get to me but they always do. Now that I’m thinking about them, all they do is just fuel my drive for success! As you said, “Letting go is a blessing.”

    1. Letting go is definitely a blessing. I, myself, once had a hard time letting go of almost everything that was bad including people that had hurt me. However, I later discovered that what hurts and damaged me more was holding onto them. Blessings sometimes come in the smallest act that we cannot recognize or don’t want to embrace.

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