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Popularity in School

Popularity was always a thing in high school. You were either popular, loner or a mediocre. Luckily for me, I wasn’t popular or a loner. I had friends to hang out with. And always manage to make a friend or two in a class full of students that I don’t know. However, I always feel overshadow when I’m in a class full of highly intelligence students. I feel intimidated by their presence. These intelligence students at my high school were the popular kids, in SGA, athletes or were well known by almost all the faculty.  And though I was able to go to “know them” and were friendly with them I never really felt like I was able to blend in unless I had a close friend with me.
My senior year of high school I was taking calculus and I was struggling. I was in a room full of intellectually gifted students. They, or most of them, were on SGA and were athletes. They were all popular. And you feel too intimidated, perhaps too much that I let that overfilled my mind and sometimes was not able to give my best. And not to mention the struggles were real in calculus. I tried to befriend everyone I wanted too, well let me rephrase that, I needed to because I needed help outside of class. And it seems like everyone else had each other’s phone number or on Facebook. I didn’t have a Facebook until the end of my senior year. I didn’t have a single close friend in that class. Well, I did until she dropped out of that class.

for the first time ever, or should I said second time ever, I just wanted to drop out of the class. I didn’t even feel like going to class because I feel so lonely. The first to me I was in a similar situation was when I took Spanish 3, an honors class, in my junior year. As a matter of fact it was the same situation.

However, I’m glad I got out through those two awkward situations. Later on, when I attended college I met friends and find out they were in much worse conditions in high school. Some of my friends were loner, they couldn’t name a single close friend that they still kept in touch with. Though their Facebook will say they have 1000 or more friends. And yet they look to be the popular type. However, they weren’t. I would sometimes listen to how they eat alone during lunch or work alone in class because everyone else had a partner(s). And this also includes some of my coworkers.

In my two awkward classes, Spanish 3 and calculus, at least I had a regular partner or a leftover classmate who always seems to busy the he/she usually forget to help. But at the end doesn’t mind that I put him/her to work. And at least we had fun. So maybe I’m not exactly close close with my so called popular classmates, but we got along well enough. Comparing my situations to theirs I feel like I’m the lucky one. I may not be popular in high school, but I have friends, everlasting friends.

Sure, maybe you are not popular, but you don’t have to be. Being popular doesn’t mean that you’ll make over a thousand everlasting friendships or that your high school sweetheart will end up being your life partner. Maybe not everyone will recognize you at a reunion twenty years from now, but you’re not there for all of them. You’re just there for you and your circle of friends. More importantly, I have a few friends that are popular and they’re no different from me.

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