Pandan Sweet Rice




Yesterday I made some Pandan Sweet Rice or Sticky Rice. I still have no idea why it’s called Sweet Rice instead of Sticky Rice. So, if someone can actually taste the sweetness of the sticky rice, please let me know. I love eating sticky rice, especially when it’s colorful because it’s fun. I love colorful food. And for the holidays colorful food just make it more festive. I didn’t take any pictures of the rice I made and wrapped and it’s all gone. Therefore, I had to do some google searching and found the picture above as you can see the credit.

The only difference between the rice I made and the picture above from its original chef is that I used short grain sweet rice (Apple brand), the color was more vibrant and green. And, I didn’t coconut strips (at least I think that’s what the white strips are in the above picture). If you have cooked sticky rice before then you know how long the process is, because it takes a longer time for sticky rice to fully cook for it to be  soft and sticky.

file_127213_1_110224-greencc-pandanPandan green food coloring will be used. It is extracted from the plant Pandanus amaryllifolius, or pandan leaves. This extract is used throughout Southeast Asian cooking including India and Bangledesh culinary. It gives a nice taste and sweet aroma to the food. I guess you can say that you can either like it or hate it. But I think you can grow to like the taste.

There is the liquid Pandan flavored coloring, but I used the paste which gives a more vibrant color. And my family has always used the paste. You can find it at your local Asian store and there will be more color aroma paste. My mainly used the green (Pandan) and pink (Rose) paste, so I also used those two as well.

All you have to do is wash and rinse your sticky rice. Then soak it overnight. At this time, you can add in the color paste. The amount of the color paste you add is totally up to you. The following morning, drain the rice but keep the water that you soaked the rice in. You should notice the rich green color if you want it to be more green add in some more color. And all you do now is steam the rice. You can also cook sweet rice in a rice cooker. I did it once while I was away in college, but I still haven’t figured out the correct water to rice ratio.

After thirty minutes, you should go check on your rice it should be cooked by now. Now you will just want to taste a little bit to see if it’s soft and tender or still too tough. If it’s still too tough, then using the water we save before, pour it onto the rice and stir thoroughly. Allow it to finish cooking for another 30-45 minutes.

Remove the steamer from the boiler and scooped the rice into a larger bowl. Stir the rice a few time in the bowl. Now using either sandwich ziploc bags or plastic wrap, it is time to start wrapping. I usually use plastic wrap and with a rice spoon scoop some rice, place it on the wrap, and then carefully wrap it into a log or rectangular shape. Wrap it nice and tight so that the rice stay nice and warm. Do this until you ran out of rice. Also, sticky rice tends to get tough overnight so if you wrapped them then they don’t get tough overnight.



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