Journal Diaries

When You Found a Best Friend…

  1. Fart in front of her
  2. Tell her that she looks like banana pudding, nice and sweet, in that ridiculous dress
  3. Let her borrow your hardly worn shoes, or switch shoes for a day or week
  4. Don’t like the same people
  5. Tease the same professors behind their backs
  6. Messaging each other on Facebook and laughing like maniacs while sitting in the same room
  7. Can never have a proper sleepover, because one is too high on sparkling and is speaking in a British accent
  8. Others will think you’re related, cousins, siblings, etc when clearly you come from different races
  9. Steal each other’s food
  10. Eat from the same plate
  11. Split the empty dishes so that you both look like fatties
  12. Let one carry all the desserts
  13. You’ll clean her room it’s messy or vice versa
  14. Actually care about the person she’s dating or interested
  15. Gives her money (i.e. buying lunch) even when you clearly know she’s never going to pay back all those money.

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