Journal Diaries

30 Things that Make Me Smile

  1. Receiving a message from a friend
  2. Seeing or coming across a friend
  3. Reading a ridiculously hilarious joke
  4. Watching a funny movie scene
  5. Listening/watching parodies
  6. When a random baby/toddler smiles and greets me
  7. Peace and quietness in the house
  8. Eating something I deemed delicious
  9. A  nice and relaxable rest
  10. A touching realistic story
  11. My manicure turns out to be near perfection
  12. Getting a better grade than expected
  13. All plans or most of it goes accordingly well
  14. Finding a perfect new favorite pen
  15. Getting a surprise phone call
  16. Receiving a letter/birthday card from friends
  17. Seeing good news of my friends on their Social Media Accounts
  18. When my dogs actually listen
  19. Younger siblings don’t talk back
  20. Younger siblings help out without asking “why”
  21. Giving myself a hair cut or trim
  22. Talking/spending time with friends
  23. Parents don’t nag
  24. Parents don’t argue
  25. Younger siblings listen
  26. Learning a new language
  27. Seeing my friends tying the knot or getting engage
  28. Making a new friend
  29. Sketching the perfect sketch
  30. Seeing the seasons change

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