Journal Diaries

16 Things of My Ideal Significant Other

  1. Must have a sense of humor, but knows when to be serious.
  2. Loves to cook.
  3. Likes to drink, but not a heavy drinker up to the point he is crazy drunk.
  4. A good housekeeper.
  5. Loves to relax and not worry too much about the future or the past.
  6. Have a stable job, but not a workaholic.  So a family man who is there when needed.
  7. Respects me, my decisions, actions and words.
  8. Actually listens and gives good advice.
  9. Doesn’t nag a lot, but does worry once in a while.
  10. Doesn’t turn a little problem into a 16 episode crazy Korean drama.
  11. Definitely not a hoarder and spendthrift.
  12. Handy dandy man, but doesn’t know how to fix everything or make everything.
  13. Active, loves to workout like say two days a week for thirty minutes.
  14. Trusts me and doesn’t doubt my intention.
  15. Gives me time to be alone or be with friends and family.
  16. Someone who never (or almost never) forgets to call me by my name.

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