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365 Days Journaling: To College Students

Dear College Students,

And even for those that have been in college for more than a semester, right now this moment you are probably thinking to yourself that you are reading the most stupid article or letter ever on planet Earth. And, yes you may be right. However, I don’t blame you if you don’t even finish reading this because some way you will survive college without having to know everything. In fact, life is an adventure. Though, do keep in my mind that I’m not here to educate about college or your life decisions. In fact, I’m just here to say “hey have fun in college.” Surely, whether you decide to go clubbing on Thursday’s nights or not does not affect me. I can sure care less about you because I have my own mess to handle.

However, if you happened to make it this far then maybe you are interested in what I have to share with you. It’s really nothing much at all. While you are in college you may start to have doubts if you really are sure about majoring in psychology or biology. Through tough times, you will begin to complain “I should have majored in something else” and you know maybe that little thought is right, but it can also be wrong. It all depends on how well you persevere. And, if at the end it does turn out that you have another passion or the first field you study wasn’t for you, it’s okay to explore another field. Another degree doesn’t hurt anyone. It takes time, some of us longer than others, to find who we really are.

Even if you decide to drop out halfway due to financial problems, poor grades, or personal obstacles that do not make you a sore loser. You just had little problems here and there that got in the way. Additionally, if you get embarrassed in front of your friends and colleagues because they earned their degree and you haven’t then there is no reason to be embarrassed. You can always get it at a later time.  Yes, there will be pressured and stressed, but within all those pressured and stress are tiny strings of happiness that will soon come to you that you probably never realized before.

Going to college, you just don’t learn about your subject but you also grow as a person. Learn from past mistakes and bad decisions. I mean sometimes bad decisions or unexpected decisions lead us to something greater and more meaningful. So, while you are in college you really are actually doing more than just studying and taking tests. You are searching for you.

So to all the people who made it this far reading the nonsense I typed all I have to say for you is to have fun in college, spend 75% studying and 25% having your definition of fun. Oh and good luck on your first semester of college.


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