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365 Days Journaling: Ask a Question, Answer a Question

Tonight, let’s do something different. I want to know more about you, it’s a little personal, but you can always dodge the question. Plus, I’m always talking about me and my friends, so tonight is about  you. Ready for the big question……

What is it that you’re running away from?

I’ll start us out with my answer. One thing I’m running away from is the love, seeing my parent’s (half?)broken marriage makes me don’t want to be involve in any relationship of the opposite gender. In fact, I’ve become  pretty good at shutting out guys that I started to get a little bit too close too.

1 thought on “365 Days Journaling: Ask a Question, Answer a Question”

  1. I really enjoy your blog and am so glad you are back again! For two years now, I’ve been trying to run away from some family issues. It was just all going down hill, and I needed to breathe. I didn’t feel like facing the problems or talking to anyone. So I packed up and left home, and barely keep in touch with my family nowadays. However, for the few months I’ve been thinking about going back for a visit. Hoping to reconnect with my family.

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