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365 Days Journaling: Imperfections


We all have imperfections that we tried to cover up, in which has probably failed a thousand times because our imperfections are not so good at camouflaging. Additionally, we are also envious of others, maybe it is our friends or very own siblings. We see a talent in them that we lack and wish to have; I, for example, am very envious of my two siblings that have a talent for music. My brother, 21 years old, can play almost any instrument and my sister, 14 years old, has a perfect pitch for singing, well almost perfect pitch. I, on the other hand, am pretty average and not that creative for my artistic side.

In other words, I have a lot of imperfections that ranges from my personality to talents. There are days that I don’t feel like talking and totally show it by raising my voice and just ignoring people. Times when I pretend that the person beside of me is totally invisible. I can take music lessons, but I won’t remember one single note after lessons are over. Besides I have a hard time reading music notes. And, I sound like a parrot when I sing.

In fact, when a lot of my friends and relatives meet me I give off this air of someone who is highly intelligent, perfect, and a bit strong. Well, I admit about the strong attitude because I really do have a bit strong personality. However, once my friends and distant relatives get to know me I turn out to be a clumsy airhead.

And I have friends who are also exactly like me. They appear to be someone they’re not and as I get to know them I also get to see their imperfections. In which, those imperfections brings me to laughter and joys each day. It is what makes them who they are. There are days when I will have a single friend complain to me about how they wished to be someone else, but I always remind them about how much I love just the way they are. Besides friends supposed to support and sort of fill in for the other one.

There are also times when we find something that we’re extremely good at to be our imperfections because it is more like an obsession or habit. My friend, Brenda, has this thing about rearranging rooms and cleaning. I remember she rearranged her side of the room like fives a week. Each time I walk in her room I was like “Woah girlfriend, again?” Not to mention she also enjoys rearranging the living room and I think to myself “How do get these energy to rearrange everything?” Plus, sometimes when I walk into a freshly rearranged room I have to stop for a minute.

It’s a habit she finds as an imperfection, but it is something that I and the rest of the girls find attractive. Although, it can be seen as an impulsive behavior it’s something that we sometimes like to tease her, of course as a fun way. My point is, that is what made Brenda stands out from us, and of course other things applied as well.

We may not have completely learn the love the imperfect us, but let us all admit it that the imperfect us is actually what makes us smile and makes other smile. That is because we know we’re different and unique. If everyone was made to perfection, can you just imagine how this world would turn out?

Letting our imperfections show is actually a great thing to do because it is one of the most beautiful thing about me and about you.

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