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365 Days Journaling: Childhood Crush

There is was this boy, who was quite popular in second grade. And, even better he was in my home room and my reading group class. He had brown, shiny hair with deep sapphire eyes that always twinkle. And very pale skin. Also, he was quite tall. Almost every girl in second grade talk about him and tried to get close to him.

He didn’t really stood out to me say first, but one day he approached me to be his science partner. And, it was fascinating because no one in my home room class would ever want to work with me. I mean has friends in that class, they had pullout for Titled 1 reading for extra help while I had pullout for ESL. So, trying to find a partner before or after those two additional pullout was quite hard. He approached me, and I thought he’s nice. Most surprising is that I have never heard him talk or really paid attention to him, but his voice was not like other young boys. Instead, he had a rusty voice, in which attracted me. And yes, now that I’m older I do find men with a somewhat rusty voice attractive. Anyway, I became his partner for that day. We got along pretty well. He then told me that he and his little brother also rode the same bus as me.

We slowly became best friends and would sit together at lunch. He would save me a seat on the bus if his little brother wasn’t at school. Or if the seats is crowed he would always scoot over for me. He was nice, actually extremely nice, to me. However, after second grade his family move so I never saw him again. Once in a while I would wonder about him. Asking myself of he is doing alright and found himself a nice girlfriend.

Funny thing is, I remember one day we were making Valentine gifts in class. Secretly, he cut me out a red heart and made a card out of it. Inside the card he wrote “Don’t let Miss Hoffman see this. And PS I really like you.” I kept it for quite a while, but back then I had a horrible habit of not keeping all my meaningful gifts together. Plus, I also had, and still do, a habit of cleaning out my junk. One day I was looking for the card, but couldn’t find it. I almost cried because it was a meaningful and precious gift. Well, I figure throwing the card away by accident was okay because there was always the memory of our little friendship for the six months he was around.

We may not have been holding hands around in second grade, but we almost always together. Even when we switched seats in homeroom and get to choose who to sit beside of, we were side by side. That includes when our teacher also assigned seats to us. I guess it is something you can call a cute childhood crush.

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