365 Days Journaling: A Poem to Share


Harsh winter breezes
Fighting my wings,
Frozen and frost
I shiver in cold and pain;
The iciness traveling
Down my spine
Like fireworks sparks;
I shuttered and cowered
My breath visible,
Body stone cold,
But my heart glows red;

Tiniest light
Faintest beat,
Pumping away every minute
Feel it louder and bigger;
What happened to white?
Innocence of mine,
Dear lost child
In which cannot be restored;
At last,
Grey against red
Red against grey
War of passion and hopelessness;

I will cowered
But temporarily,
Lose seven times
And win eight times;
The dream within me
Yet to died,
As the last flake
Stricken my icy wings;
My spring will come
Flowers will bloom,
My wings tainted
With damage
But I’ll fly again,
Each time my wings
Marked with failure
And broken,
I’ll mend it and make it

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