Journal Diaries

365 Days Journaling: Yes and No

Once I went to a Chinese restaurant and by chance this was I got for my fortune There are many doors waiting for, but only one door will be opened. I thought to myself “what a nice fortune reading.” However, never did I thought that that fortune was for me and that it will ever come true. When we make choices, there can’t help but to have some regrets and questionings. Sometimes we think about other opportunities or paths that we could have taken. Perhaps a road that is less rocky or if you are someone who likes challenge maybe a road that was harder and longer.

There are no correct “yes” or “no” answers in life, life is all about gambling. And, if you say you are a horrible gambler then think again. We may not be gambling at a casino, but every day we’re playing around with decisions whether those decisions backfire at us right then, months later or years later. Of course, there are simple questions to life that you can answer like snapping your fingers. For example, you can say yes I want to smoke or no I don’t want to smoke. You can yes as many times as you want and can still end up in a dead end. You can say no as much as you want and sometimes you end up on that road without knowing leading to a continuous road until you decide when to stop.

With all yeses and no’s comes effort, struggling, thriving and trying. You can take the path with the most footprint, most worn out, but you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t sweat, don’t put effort and if you don’t even try at least an inch. I’m not saying to take the least path walked on, but I’m saying that sometimes in life there is no definite answer. There is no knowing where you can end up.

In my life, I have said a lot of no’s and yes’s to plenty of things. Some I don’t regret at all. For example, when I said no to smoking I’m glad I said no because I could have said yes and have an unhealthy lung to live with. And, I also have some regrets with some no’s as well like when all those boys asked me out in high school and I said no because I was too focused on school. I don’t even know how it feels to go on a date and pretty been single all my life. Of course, I can’t forget some of my yes’s answers that I regret so much saying yes. I’m not even going to go there because some of my “yes answers” had lead me to a dead end before. Too bad life doesn’t come with maps so that we can avoid those dead ends.

So, even if you say yes to something and decide to say no later on it is most definitely fine to always seek another opportunity. And if you say no earlier, but decide yes, I want to do that then gamble on. You won’t lose anything. I mean you will probably lose some time, but as long as you’re still breathing then your time will still be ticking.

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