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My friend wrote an eulogy for me

Earlier this year when I discovered my death will I took pictures of it to share with you guys. Well,going along with that death will, I discovered an eulogy that my best friend in college Marlenee wrote. I can’t remember when she wrote it but it was during our junior year. Apparently I kept it in one of my biology textbooks and found it when I was cleaning out the bookshelf. So here it is. By the way I might have to send her a copy of this because I actually like how she wrote it. 

On this day that we celebrate Mai Kou Lor’s death, I want to share some beautiful memories with her. I met her through orientation during summer of June 2010. We were in the same group or team and she approached me first. That was how we became friends and not to mention we were also planning to major in the same department, biology. She was an extraordinary person and friend I ever knew, and very multitalented as well. She can cut hair, give makeover which includes clothes and makeup, manicures, and although I have never seen her give a pedicure I’m sure she can do since she does her toenails, and she’s an excellent cook.

I remember the first night I slept over at her dorm; you see she didn’t have a roommate because her roommate never showed up. So I became her roommate; although I was a commuter student.  I ask her for a haircut and she gave me one. The catch here is she needed a hair trim and I was terrible at it so instead of a hair trim I gave her a haircut. Somehow her hair length went from waist length to below the shoulder length. It was her fault as well since she didn’t know how long three inches was, she told me specifically she wanted three inches off. She also gave me makeovers when we bored and had nothing to do. We even walked down to the gas station on pretty afternoons to buy some snacks.

She even cooked us eggrolls throughout our four years together. Although, I never help her with the wrapping process I was in charge of the frying.  Eggrolls was not the only thing she can cook. She can upgrade any ramen noodles with a few extra ingredients, make crabmeat cheese wonton (whatever it is called again), stir fry noodles, and sometimes if she doesn’t use her electronic rice cooker the rice doesn’t turn out so good. And oh, her silly and dramatic stories filled us with laughter. She was also a good listener and gave out good advice. However, she was always in her own world watching her Asian dramas most of the time.

As a student she studied very hard as much as she enjoyed fooling around. She was very smart and I had to bother her especially in physics on the day the homework is due. So, I never had to worry about her failing her classes because I knew that she would pass. There were times when we shared our pains of studying together and complain that we should switch majors. That was always a reoccurring discussion. And whenever we go shopping, we would make sure to travel around the store. It was always fun and entertaining although shoppers probably thought that we were two crazy college students. There was a time when we along with Javonda went to Lowe’s food and the butcher follows us to the candy aisle. He was like we all too young to be college students. It was nice to know that we looked young.

Often there were times when we talked about death and she always said that she didn’t want anyone to cry at her death; well I guess that isn’t happening as I’m up here and can barely see what I have typed out.  She also mentioned that she wanted a plate of deep fry chicken wings, so here it is my friend your deep fry chicken wings. I made it just for you. I guess now that you’re gone I won’t get any eggrolls at my own funeral. My friend, my rice bunny and my darling I will miss you dearly.

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