Guest Posts

Giving Thanks

Earlier I published a post concerning about my guest submissions. Well, I received a few more submissions today and of course yesterday. Luckily I found a few good ones to share. Here’s the first.

Submitted by Ariella

It’s almost that time of the year again that families gather together to give thanks to all the precious gifts we have earned in life. Three years ago around this time my family have lost a precious person, our great grandfather. When I was little he would sit around by the fireplace and tell us stories back from the days of the Nazis. My family is Jewish and my great grandfather along with his older brother survived. Of course, like most any other children we wouldn’t care much about his stories. We were too concerned about these cool electronic gadgets and hanging out with friends. On some days my great grandfather would asked us to give him massages and of course most of the time we would tried to scattered away.

There’s that saying “You only know what you have after you lost it” that is exactly how I feel on some of these lonely autumn days. Before I left for college, every day after we all came home from school my great grandfather would be sitting outside on the front porch in his rocking chair. He would wave to us as we get off the school bus and asked us how school was. Of course, we would just be like “great” and walk inside. Even after I left for college he would sometimes called me and I would find it annoying as I wanted to spend more time with my friends instead.

My great grandfather was always a strong man and energetic one too. I thought he would always live forever since he was so bright. And because my grandpa passed away before he did. Until one day I received a phone call that from my younger siblings that he passed away due to cardiac arrest. I was shocked at the news and couldn’t even speak to my friends for days.

Now that I think about it my great grandfather was the best gift ever from God and I just didn’t realize it. My parents both work so they were never home, we were always left with my great grandfather and he practically raised all of us up, all ten of us. Every Thanksgiving my family and I always make sure to gather my great grandfather’s grave to get our blessings and to thank God for such a precious gift.

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