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Lost in Thoughts


Last fall my friend, who was my roommate for two years and suitemate  last year, we decided to went out in downtown Raleigh on a nice beautiful afternoon to take some pictures. Actually, I was the photographer and she was my muse. And photography was an interest that we both share besides other common hobbies. Earlier this morning as I was cleaning and removing some files off my laptop’s memory, I came upon some of our fall photo shoots from that day. As I look out my window, I realize that today resembles that very day by the colors and temperature. It is and was a beautiful day today and that very day. I scroll down the pictures to reminisce the past to make myself happier and this very picture (posted above) caught my attention.

After my friend and I were done with our little journey, we came back to the dorm. I was editing my pictures while she was making hot chocolate for the both of us. I show her the pictures and we both agree that the picture above was the best one out of the bunch. What intrigues me so much about the picture was how my friend just look lost in her thought. All I did was simply took the picture and instructed her how I want her to sit and look to the other side. And she told me was just simply doing what I told her, and yet we got the perfect picture of the day.

Today, as I look at it not as the photographer, but as an audience I think to myself “What is she thinking about?” “What does she feels?” “Who or what is she looking at?” And I also ask myself the question, “Do you have the same emotions as she shows in the photo?” or at least somewhat similar to what you thing she’s conveying in the photo? And yes I do. Lately, I’ve been feeling lonely because I really have nothing to do and when I saw this picture again it gave me this lonely feeling that I just can’t explain.

Photography is one of my favorite hobby even though I’m not a professional or carry high quality equipment. I learn how to use my poor camera and online programs to develop the best out of my photos. As I move along maybe one day I can also become a professional photographer, share great photos, or maybe photography will forever be my hobby and I can still share great photos. Who knows? Do you have a favorite hobby? Favorite portrait? Painting? Photo?

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