My Fear of Baby Chicks

We all have phobias and sometimes our phobias are hilarious in other people’s eyes. Our misery is their joy although it annoys the hell out of me. I have many phobias that you may think is funny and even I think it’s funny myself. In case you’re wondering here is a list of my phobia:

  • Chicks
  • cats
  • dogs (large, huge, and the ones that always barks and chase strangers)
  • Rats
  • Mouse

And that is about it. I’m going to skip out on the rats and mouse because almost everyone don’t like having them around their house. For the cats, I’m just not a big fan because they shed a lot and I just don’t like being near them so I don’t really have a phobia of them. It’s not like I’m walking down the street and a cat jumps in front of me and I go screaming around with a mini heart attack. I am like that with dogs though, I really have a fear of dogs. It’s probably because when I was little I was chased by my dad’s dog all the time, then my uncle had these two mean and uncontrollable miniature dogs that would chased me all the time and get closer to my ankle as if they’re going to bite me. Those dogs are now long gone, but he has some more chihuahuas and I can’t stand them at all. They see me all the time since they were little and yet they still bark and chase after me. I’m okay with them now because they know who the boss is. However, if I’d be at park and see a huge dog  I’m totally aware of them and would stay far far away. Even if I’m going for a walk and see a huge dog with its owner I would distance myself or quickly change side walks. As for little dogs, I’m okay with them.

My mom has chickens and ducks. And my friends would not believe me that I have a fear of chicks. Just chicks!! I’m totally fine with chickens, roosters, and hens. The chicks though, I cannot even hold them. Every night my mom would go get these two baby chicks, put them in a plastic plant pot with nice comfy old socks, cover them with some cloths so that they don’t get out and brings them inside the house. She would place them under the coffee table and she does that because of the rats that keeps coming out at night. And those are the only two chicks left. Of course I have no problems with the chicks all cuddled up in  a nice open air pot. However, every morning I have to take them back out to their mom. All I would do is open the pen, place the pot inside, remove the two cloth covering them, close the door, wait for them to fly out, open the door to take the pot out and close the door. I do that if the hen isn’t near the door waiting to come out (the cage is like a two level cage where the hen sleeps on the second floor and comes down to the first floor to chill). If the hen is near the door and won’t go away I just let the baby chicks out running around and of course I release the mother. The thing is I’m so afraid the hold and touch the chicks and the hen bites.

One of these part mornings I totally forgot about the chicks under the coffee table and when they started chirping I came to check. The cover somehow came off and they were on top of all the socks that my mom placed inside. I stood there frozen and my dad went to a teacher-parent conference. And of course I was also cooking so the pot overflow, I had to run to turn down the heat. When I came back the two chicks were on the carpet. I panicked. So, I went outside to grab a pair of bad socks (my parents also seams sock for a this one hosiery company), put them on my hand like gloves and tried to catch the chicks. I really wished someone was home to record me doing this process because I also thought it was hilarious. I would like gently grab the chick, but let go and be like “Phew” then on the second time I actually got hold of the chick and put it back in the pot. And I did the same thing with the second chick. I even covered back up with the two cloth and took it to the hen.

Yesterday night, or the night before, my mom came back with the two chicks holding them in their hand. And she and my siblings know about how terrified I am with baby chicks. I was at the door looking outside to see what my siblings were doing when my mom went “Oh a baby chick escape over there.” Of course I immediately turned around and when “Huh? What? Where?” Well, we both have a good laugh. I got to admit my reactions are funny after I think about it. And I really don’t like it especially when my younger sister, Nene (that’s her nickname) comes chasing after me holding baby chicks. It’s terrifying.

I know, I know, I know you’re probably thinking that I’m weird since I’m afraid of chicks and not chicken. Even I find that a little bit weird. I mean I’m not even afraid of bugs, critters, spiders, insects, etc but chicks? Something is probably wrong with me. And if I should clarify a bit more I’m okay with wild birds flying around and flying past by me. However, birds that are kept as pets like parakeet, or tame wild birds like pigeons I also have a fear of them. I keep joking around that I’m going to get a talking parrot one day and teach it Hmong, English and another language. Reality, though, I don’t even know how I’m going to take care of it. Maybe I’ll just buy a talking parrot robot.

What is one of your greatest fear? Comment below and let me know there is no need to be ashamed of having phobias, everyone has one or a couple.


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