In physics we defined momentum as the force of a moving object. And of course we have to calculate the momentum of the object.

However, in life we can’t calculate momentum on a person nor do we feel the force moving upon us. Of course, when we make mistakes, deadly mistakes that is, we begin to feel this force of guilt running all over our body that even we break out in cold sweat. And when we are overjoyed we feel the force of happiness that we’re smiling nonstop and keep on doing continuous jumping jacks. What about when we’re stuck? When it seems like we can no longer move on? When we lose our way and the light is dimming? Momentum doesn’t stay with us then. It goes away and we have no more energy to carry on.

If momentum can be found just like physics, life for most of us wouldn’t be so harsh but no. Some of us were never prepared for reality and can’t seem to accept the reality happening upon us that we keep on imagining, what if this and this were to happen. What if I never did this? What if I actually did make this choice earlier? What if? Sadly, enough finding momentum within ourselves takes more time and it’s rougher.

To get that momentum back on us like when we made a mistake or were happy, the first step is getting back onto your feet and challenge yourself to do something you never did before. Whether it’s moving out for the first time to start a whole new chapter, starting a new hobby, or making a new friend. Push yourself. Get up. Do something. Discover a whole new you and don’t give up.

Those that tells you you’re not worth it are lying to you. Those tells you your dreams are just a waste they want you to fail. Don’t listen to them. They are the momentum that will keep you from moving on and discovering your new self. Believe in yourself. Find the momentum in you that will make you move one.


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