Becoming Closer to the Family Dog

For the longest time I never like dogs and cats. And still I’m not very fond of them, especially cats. There are reasons why I don’t like cats and dogs. When I was little I was chased and almost bitten by my dad’s own dog. Like seriously, every time the dog got loose, I would always be wary of it and next minute I know it’s like chasing me crazily everywhere. I don’t know if dogs find me to be an easy person to mess around, but my actions probably says it all to them, huh? And the only reason why I don’t like cat that much is because they shed too much and during my childhood again, my cousin’s cat ate my bunny!

So, for the longest time I avoided them and I don’t see cats around that much so I don’t care. Plus, cats aren’t interested in me anyway. Anyway where I go if I see a dog, I would walk the on the opposite side making sure the dog won’t get near me at all. And if my friends have dogs I barely go over to their house or they would make sure that their dogs are someplace else so that I’d feel comfortable. Of course, I feel really bad for my friends, but it’s not like you can make me become close to a dog in one day. And no I don’t cry if the dog do really come close to me, but I do begin to panic and my heart beats increases that I’m pretty sure the person standing beside of me can hear it as well. 

This problem of mine went on forever like up until recently. You my brother went off to college last school year, and I was already in college a senior to be exact, I came home from spring break and find a dog at home. It wasn’t the first dog because after my dad’s dog died, some folk at the flea market gave my brother a dog for free, that we name Blackie, because it’s coat was black. That dog was a little bit wild and didn’t really listen and it would not stop chasing me. So, I didn’t went outside much. Sadly, the dog past away one winter morning and it was still a puppy. Anyway I came home and here is this dog sitting on the stairs giving me this look, we were having a staring contest. And then it came up to me sniffing me as I was getting luggage out of the car. However, being in the city for four years I sort of got used to dogs sniffing me, and I couldn’t avoid walking right passed them anymore. So, I didn’t mind the dog sniffing me. And yes it is only a puppy.

I asked my older sister how my brother got the dog. And here is the story without much details, the dog’s original owner gave it away to a Hmong girl. She took it home and that same day her mom came home telling her to take the dog away. Literally, her mom is telling her to abandoned it at some random place. The girl didn’t want to so she posted on her Facebook to see if anyone wanted the dog. My brother happens to be her friend, he saw the post and pictures and claim the dog. That is how we got the third family dog. And another reason why I’m not so fond of dogs, is because my uncle who lives so close to us, have these chihuahuas and they are some ill-tempered, loud barking, and chasing dogs. It doesn’t matter how many times they see you they will keep barking and chasing you. Bad chihuahuas!

The funny thing is while I came home for spring break, my brother was ready to go back to school. So that means I have to take care of the dog for one whole week. And which I did, bless my poor little heart and the poor dog. By the way the dog’s original name is Oreo, written on the little green tote that came with it; however, we gave him a Hmong name, Liab or Lia, meaning red. Since it’s coat is dark brown reddish color. So, I survive one week with the dog feeding it and walking it. Then, I went back to campus.

Now, here comes the real story. Everyone is back to school and I’m home alone with the dog. I didn’t do much with the dog, Lia, over the summer beside walking it. Grooming, washing, and feeding it was my little sister’s job. You would expect the owner to do it, but nope my brother, the one that brought it, was working at Taco Bells almost everyday and he was always given errands by my father. So, he played with the dog whenever he can. So, now that everyone is gone back to school and my older sister finally landed her teaching job I’m stuck home with the dog everyday. I didn’t really do much with the dog until recently. And after that one week of spring break together, the dog knows and recognizes who I am that he follows me around too much. I was always studying for the GRE and MCAT, reading, drawing, or watching movies that all I did was feed the dog. Sometimes, the dog would scratch the door but I was too lazy to get up and open the door. So the poor dog would just lay on the porch and every time I go outside it would have this sad look on its face.

Recently, I’ve been getting too tired and bored. I started missing my friends, life is so empty without school that I wished I can go back to school all over again. So, I started playing with the dog more out of nowhere. Take it for a more longer walk, talk to the dog asking him if he ever feels lonely because I’m too busying myself inside. In other words, I started to comfort myself through this dog. This was when I realized that I’m horribly lonely and missed my friends so much. I miss my school life so bad that I’m trying to hurry up and get into a graduate school. That’s how much I miss school. Not only do I realize that I miss school that much, but I realize that if I ever end up living alone I’m going to need a dog. Someone playful that is always waiting for me to come home and when it sense me coming it would welcome me by jumping around and wagging its tail. I finally realized why some of my friends have dog or dogs. Of course it won’t hurt living my friends, but it’s never going to be like that friends go separate ways. So, my only resort is to get a dog instead of a talking parrot. Although, a talking parrot won’t be bad because then I’ll make my talking parrot take foreign language classes with me. Just kidding.

My whole point of this post is that I believe I’m finally starting to understand the whole idea that a dog can be a human’s best companion. And that for the first time I’m starting to experience it myself. Of course, I’m not that close to our dog yet because I’m still not able to give it a bath or brush its teeth. And I’m still scared that it can accidentally bit me whenever I hand it bacon, so I usually tossed on the ground. Hopefully, as I spend this semester preparing for my next journey I will grow one more stage to be closer to the dog.


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