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When Life Stabs You

Lately, and I mean lately I’ve been hearing people complaining about how life isn’t fair. And I’m not going to say anything about it because life was never meant to be fair since the beginning. So, what is it that life is stabbing you? Putting you in depression mode? Is it because you can’t afford school? Can’t find a job while all your friends/peers have one? Can’t seem to find all the missing puzzles to your life? And you know right now, I’m just going to straight down tell you all that all those questions I just asked, they all summarized how I feel right now these days. And one more last question, do you always wonder why that person beside of you, that person that is going through the same emotions you are, is still smiling as if nothing had ever happened? A lot of my friends asked me the same thing, but it’s not like I can straight out tell them “Hey I’m going through the same troubles but I’m just not showing it” because it’ll be lie if I say that I sometimes don’t express it. I do express it, but not 100% completely. 

When obstacles get in the way of your life, what can you do to keep moving instead of being a beach bum? That even I don’t know the answer to myself because right now I spent about 50% of my life working and being a beach bum wondering day by day of what comes now that I’m half way done with my journey. Or am I even half way done with the beginning? You know there are lots of people just like you, me, and them that are going through the same situation. Some of them might even be your best friends that you might think things are going well for them, but in fact they can’t even treat you to lunch; however, they still do because they know about you’re sufferings and how you feel. You’re not alone. 

A person by the name of William W. Purkey once stated, “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you never been hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on Earth.”  That’s hard to do, right? Right. However, what else are you going to do besides moping around and complaining about how life isn’t fair. Have you ever stopped for a moment and wonder about how lucky you might be. In fact, you might even be the luckiest person in this world and you just don’t know it because life itself is a wonder of mysteries that you have to uncovered. Put yourself into detective mode and ask yourself what’s so wonderful about the life that you’re living right now. I’ll tell you about the wonderful things about my current state, well some of them not all. 

  1. Having food on the table everyday. 
  2. Having a bed to sleep on.
  3. Having water and electricity.
  4. Having a roof over my head.
  5. Having shoes and clothes.
  6. Having books to entertain myself.
  7. Having stories to tell.
  8. Hearing stories from other people.
  9. Having hands and fingers to draw.
  10. Having feet that can take me anywhere.
  11. Having a car when my legs decide to give up.
  12. Having a brain to make up wonderful recipes.
  13. Having a mouth to speak and laugh.
  14. Sharing laughter.
  15. Meeting new people.
  16. Having a dog that pounce happily at me everyday. And I don’t really like dogs.
  17. Having little siblings/cousins/nieces/nephew to cling and climb on me everyday.
  18. Having someone to eat with.
  19. Having someone to talk with.
  20. Having someone to go on a walk.
  21. Having accomplishments to be proud of.
  22. Having the sight to still see all the wonders to life.
  23. Having the knowledge to share.
  24. Having the ability and sources to knowledge.
  25. Having the courage to sing out loud and out of tune.
  26. Having my family with me through every step I take.

Sometimes when some of my friends or acquaintance complains to me about how life puts them down, I want to tell them that I’ve been there I know how you feel; however, that in fact is a lie itself. People can be in the same situation, but the feelings will differ slightly. And all you have to do at that point is offer advice to your friend or acquaintance and that’s the best thing that can happened. The worst thing that happened is being ignored. 

There will be people who look down on you as you take your own path. They will discouraged you until you decide to give up, but if you do give up then you’re just a plain loser, not even a winner because they won. It’s a mental game that they’re trying to do with you and you can’t just let it go .Humans’ worst enemy ever are humans and you are your own worst enemy. Why should you let others put you down, when no one knows you better than yourself?   In fact, when others look down upon you telling you can’t get anywhere in life with your current conditions or your career goal, there are three simple things you just need to.

  1. Reflect on what they say. Filter out the truth about you and store away the false things they said.
  2. Reflect on the truths, and improve yourself to be even better than who you currently are.
  3. Reflect on the false and prove them wrong by working harder.

We all take everything for granted and want more to be happier, because that’s the natural phenomenon of human greed. For once, some of us don’t take time to stop and appreciate what we have until it all slowly dissolves away. And that’s when regrets starts to slowly flood in and we all get hangovers.  There are also many ways that life can stab you in the back because that’s how life is supposed to be. It’s obstacle course itself that have to many gymnastic tricks to do that sometimes we can’t do and have to find alternatives way to do the gymnastic tricks. It takes a bit of time, but you’re not going to be left behind.

And of course, there will be times when we feel like we have been left behind because everyone we know is moving on ahead in life while we’re still stuck in the same place. However, that’s when you need to start getting out of that same place and begin making your moves. Dance to your own groove and change your moves when necessary. You can’t always dance to the same moves or sing the same words to the same tune. You have to change and fix it once in a while. 

We’re all just human beings, poor human beings, that don’t know where we’re going to end up. However, we take control of our lives and we choose our own fate. Everyone says that God has already made a plan for everyone of us beings, however, I disagree. I believe that God do have plans for all of us, but he didn’t choose it for us individually. In fact, he has all these plans laid out in front of us. And we as the controller of our own lives will have to choose the perfect door. And we don’t possessed super powers like in those crazy sci-fy movies or superheroes movies, I wish we did then sometimes we can get our way. However, if we do have superpowers then this world would just be in more chaos then it already is. And because we don’t possessed superpowers we have limitations to what we can and cannot do. Even with those limitations we can still tweak it around to reach an inch higher, but not so high that when we fall down from the pedestal we get hurt and can’t get back up.

When life stabs you really hard, the best thing to do is to just embrace and move on with life because there are better things to live for then to be hold back. 

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