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More than Nail Polishes

Submitted by thischic_93

I guess we all have this one friend that would just quietly sits with you as you go on complaining about your everyday life. I have friend just like that as well, Gracie. I met her in college and she was really quiet even around our circle of friends. So, quiet that we called her “Country Mouse” because she was also from the country. As much as her quietness, she was also a very smart girl. So, smart and quiet were the two words that we always described her. She always knew what to say or do to make us (our group of friends) feel better. And plus just like any ordinary girl she loved to do nails. She would sometimes sit in her room quietly doing her nails, but you knew she was in there because you can smell the nail polish remover. So, whenever we needed our nails done she was our salon to go to.

However, there were times when she always look so depressed and as time comes by she looks like she was getting more depressed and depressed. It looks like she didn’t have much interest in what we plan on doing because she would say things like “I have to study,” “I already made plans,” “I didn’t know that you guys were going,” or “Maybe another time.” So, it came to a point where we just technically stop asking her to do stuff with us unless she’s there of course. And there were times when we sometimes just ignore her because it seems to us that she didn’t wan to hang out with us. However, the irony is that when someone had problems that person would always go to her first and it looks like she didn’t mind at all. 

Finally, last semester one day she just suddenly disappeared off campus. Other students would asked me and some other friends if we knew what happened to her. And we would tell them “We’re not so sure either, we haven’t seen her or talk to her yet.” Moreover, we never tried to communicate with her ever since she just mysteriously disappeared. And one day, one of our peers sit with us at lunch. She’s also a friend, but not a close friend like you know not well enough up to the point that she can name your dirty secrets if you have any of course. So, during lunch  she brought up Gracie and said to us “Have you guys talk to Gracie?” We all shook our heads no. And what she told us was shocking, and it still haunts me until this day because it has technically gave me trauma: “I saw her a few weeks ago when I went to Walmart and we had lunch together. We also had a nice talk. She asked me about you guys, so I told her that all of you were doing well. And she thought that you guys probably forgotten about her since she was always so quiet. So, I asked her what’s going on since she dropped out of school and stuff. And did you guys know that she dropped out?” Once again we were all like “WTF?? Really??” Anyway, the whole ideal is that Gracie technically have Anxious Personality Disorder. In which, really surprised us and because she’s getting worse she couldn’t focused on school and took off a whole year for treatment.

We were all surprised that we asked our peer how she knew and she said that knew ever since she met Gracie because she asked and Gracie told her. Then she just told us that we should visit Gracie sometimes because she doesn’t live far, only thirty minutes away from campus. And that she’s willingly to take us there. So, apparently our peer had been to Gracie’s home a few time. And the both of them probably gotten closer ever since we try avoiding Gracie because sometimes we see them both together. 

We still haven’t visited her yet because you know we’re all ashamed after we finally realized how much we were bad friends to her. I mean all this time we just took advantage of her, just seeking comfort from her and never once had a real conversation. And I mean a real conversation where we would listen to her and give her useful advice. Every time she tried to talk to us, we just goof around up until she just basically stop talking and we think she’s done talking. I mean I can’t even remember 1/4 of her stories that she told us. And now I realize that she’s more than a friend that can just do nails she is also like a counselor to some of us, but even a counselor needs some counseling as well. 

Well, one of these days I do hope that I can muster up the courage so that I can finally visit her. 

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